12 weeks

Today is my 12 week post op anniversary. I had PT today and I was told that it looked like I hit a plateau due to what I was feeling in my tendon. Question for everyone who has hit 3 months or more. When you were going through PT and doing exersizes where you are pushing off of your toe (i.e. calf raises), did you still feel some pain or discomfort when you pushed more weight? I feel a very strong pull on my tendon everytime I push off of it; the harder I push, the harder the pull. It is really uncomfortable to the point of boarder line pain. My PT told me that at this point, there should not be pain. What were everyone elses experiences? Is this normal? Or do I have an issue?

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  1. Hey Pete, again I am one week exactly behind you. I too get pain it seems right in the spot where the tendon was sewn back together when I put a lot of pressure on it. I have been doing 2 leg heel raises much easier now and with my weight evenly distributed on both feet vs a couple weeks ago when most of my weight was on my good foot when doing the raises. However when I try to put more of my weight over on my bad foot when doing the heel raises I start to feel a little pain. I don’t think there is anything wrong I think it is still just healing. I told my doc what I am telling you and he stated that was my body talking to me telling me that it was too much pressure on it. Hopefully it goes away soon for the both of us. I am hoping to start jogging by week 13 which is in 2 weeks!

  2. I was about 17 weeks post-op on my first ATR when my PT got me to overdo 1-leg HRs, and I got a miserable pain at the back of the heel that didn’t go away for a MONTH of taking it easy. (Actually walking and running around a lot, but in a hinged boot the whole time.) My pain was at the AT-calcaneous junction, not very close to my ATR or the surgery.

    Your whole leg has been loafing, and if you overdo, it might not be just the “no pain no gain” muscles that notice. Me, I’d back off to make sure the pains don’t become chronic.

  3. Pete,

    I’ve been pushing pretty hard at PT lately and do get some discomfort doing heel raises. It especially happens when i concentrate on evenly loading both legs. However, my discomfort is very low on the sides of my heel. My calf/ankle just gets tight around my AT but doesn’t really feel painful per se.

  4. Hi I’m also having problems with the push off. My gait is like this
    heelstrike - pushoff - ow
    How is it going now?

  5. Ali, it is getting better little by little. When I walk, I make it a point to push off with my toes so that I feel a little pull on each step.

    I have also been stretching my foot (just using my muscle) several times a day for about 20 seconds. I think this is helping with ROM. It is starting to feel better when I am pushing off now; it hurts less. I just push myself to do what I can each workout. my PT wants me to be able to do a one legged calf raise within a week or two. That may be too ambitious.

  6. I do think its just down to intrinsic weakness and have been doing what you say, stretching a bit more which I think will help. Hope all goes well with the single calf raise!

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