11 Weeks Post Op

As of today, I am exactly at 11 weeks post op. Things get a little better every few days. Unlike some of the others who ruptured around the time that I did, I do still have a limp. I am ready to be walking normal again, but I still have to gain a bit more ROM and stregnth in my calf. I am in 2 regular shoes with no heel lifts at this point. I am doing PT a couple times a week, but doing all the exercises on my own between sessions. During PT, I am only up to 10 lbs. for single legged calf raises (4 sets of 10). As things are loosening up, I feel that I will be able to up the weight on this pretty quickly.

I have been walking more and more lately with next to no pain. After a long day, my legs will get a bit sore but nothing too major. I am anxiously awaiting my 12 week post op. anniversary next week. Based on all my readings, chances of rerupture decrease signifiatly at that point; just another milestone.

Based on my experience so far, I can tell that this recovery really will be a gradual progression through the rest of the year. At this point, I am very grateful to be able to move around and to be able to go to the gym (machines and bike only). All in all, I can’t complain. I feel that my recovery has gone well thus far. One day at a time.

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  1. I’m in the same boat with the limping. I think mine is more restricted by ROM than calf strength at this point. It feels like my bad leg is longer than my good leg in my stride, which is simply because my good foot dorsi flexes a bit more when pushing off - this problem is even more noticeable when walking on an uneven sidewalk where my bad leg is higher than my good leg. I think regaining ROM will be a very slow yet steady process. Hopefully, only a few degrees to go for both of us before the elimination of the limp is just another milestone crossed off the list. Good luck!

  2. Pete,
    I am one week behind you and I still have limp as well. It is not as bad in my tennis shoes but with flip flops, barefoot, or dress shoes it is def still there. I think it is just different for all of us. I am a pretty big guy and my AT is pushing around quite a bit of weight so I can understand that I may have a limp a while longer than others. Everyone’s body type is different, keep your head up! I too am waiting for that 12 week mark. My Dr stated that was the point at which I could begin more aggressive workouts and exercises.

  3. Hey Pete: I am also coming up on 12 weeks. Any limp for me is in direct relation to the type of shoes that I am wearing. I don’t have a limp in my running/workout shoes, sandals or barefoot. I do have a limp with any shoes that rub on the back of my heel. I expect it to get better or I am going to start wearing sandals to work..

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