To anyone who ruptured their right achilles, can you tell me anything about trying to drive (automatic) with the boot? Does it work? Bad idea? Dangerous? Did you break with the left?

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  1. Use your left foot for both.

  2. Hey Pete: I ruptured my right achilles on May 10, had surgery May 13 and was driving a week later with my left foot. My car is an automatic, Honda Ridgeline. I was able to easily move my right leg out of the way, over to the passenger side, and drive with my left foot. I drove around the neighborhood to get the hang of it, and then off I went. I have about a 40 mile trip to work, one way, so it was a necessity to drive. After a short time, I was driving so well, that my wife was even willing to ride with me and commented that I was a good drive left footed. (probably her first complement on my driving….ever) So give it a little practice, but I didn’t have any dangerous incidents at all. I am at 7 weeks, and driving right footed again, now. (boot off, of course) Good Luck!

  3. I was slow to follow Chuck’s advice, Pete, because everyone in my life was having panic attacks at the thought of me driving left-footed. Last Wednesday, after 7 weeks of being driven around by my husband, parents, friends, I had had enough. My CRV has a cup tray that folds down, so I jam my right foot in there. The first couple of times out I was too heavy on the brake with my left foot (make sure you go out alone at first. You might give your passengers whiplash). But now it’s all good. Freedom! (I wish I had done it sooner.)

  4. Check with your insurance company first. No matter what anyone says here. At the end of the day you will be the in that loses out should something go wrong, and the insurance company wriggle out of any responsibility.

  5. It all sounds like a great idea, then someone comes
    along being practical. I agree with Bob. The question
    does not really pertain to me, I drive a stick, so left
    footed driving is out of the question. I sat in the car
    with the boot and quickly realized driving with it was
    a no go for me. The boot was too big and clunky. A
    few days after I went out of the house with two shoes
    I drove! And it was wonderful.

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