6 weeks post op

Just had my 6 weeks post op appointment. Doctor said everything looked good so far. I took one more wedge out of my boot. So now I am down to one. In 3 more days I will take the last wedge out. Then within a week after that, I am told to move to a shoe with a couple heel inserts. I was also told to start physical therepy within a week or two. He said I can go 1-3 times per week. Any advice on the frequency of this?

As for my repaired leg, it feels pretty good. I’ve had a minimal amount of pain thus far. My “good leg” however is where I’m feeling it more. Now that I’ve been overcompesated on it for 6 weeks, my lower leg is sore and gradually gets worse throughout each day; better in the morning, worse by night. I feel some minor pain specificallly in my good tendon. This is scary with all the statistics on people who have ruptured one tendon. My doctor said to take it easy and hopefully this goes away when I start walking normal. Also to take it reallly easy before I’d do anything really physical if I am feeling pain; with all the micro tears in it….. I think I will talk with the therapist to see what I can do for not only the bad leg, but the good one as well.

Did anyone else out there have a similar experience with their good leg? How did it turn out?

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  1. I’m nearly to week 5 and have experienced the same thing in my good leg. My good tendon feels a little sore at times, but not bad enough to be sure that its not just all in my head. I suppose it is a combination of overcompensation and some worrying - either way, I’m going to ease back in to activity slowly!

  2. My guess is that it is probably not that uncommon. I guess I will take it easy as much as I can and ease back into things slowly while I cross my fingers.
    As much as I hate to think of this, I may have to hang up the basketball shoes. At least indefinately until I would feel full strenghth again. Time to look into a bike and some golf clubs.

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