4 Weeks Post Op

I just had my 4 week post op appointment with my doctor. I am continuing to hit new milestones. One week ago, I was instructed to remove the first wedge out of my boot. Today, they removed the second wedge. I was also told that over the next 2 weeks, I should transition from PWB to FWB. I honestly didn’t think that I would lose the crutches that soon, but I am going to follow the doctor’s instructions every step of the way. I am scared as I continue to do more and more with my leg. I can’t help but worry about a re-rupture. I was also told that after a month (from surgery), we are still relying heavily on the sutures. He said that they are very strong and would hold up to my whole weight though.

I was also told that in two weeks, we would look at moving into a show with a heal insert. This also seems quick. I didn’t think I would be going bootless in 6 weeks!

My leg has suffered from severe atrophy. When I am looking from the top, my leg looks like it is all bone. But all in all, he said everything looked good and I am on schedule. It’s been a long month, but I feel that I have come a long ways already.

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  1. Wow! That does seem fast, to go from partial weight bearing in a boot to FWB in shoes in two weeks. Sounds like you’re doing great, congratulations! Are you doing physiotherapy as well?

    I’ve also suffered from some pretty surprising atrophy — I’m most shocked about the muscle loss from the front of my leg, along my shin. I never really thought about the muscles there, but when I compare my legs you can see where they’re missing. Bizarre. Hoping they come back asap!

  2. I am definately going to wait until the end of the two weeks to do full weight bearing. I am going to try and go as gradual as possible over the next 2 weeks. When I put a significant amount of weight on my leg, it definatley feels weird…like there is a lot of pressure on my heel or something. I guess it must be a combination of not using my leg for a month with it being pointed down in a huge boot.

    No, I have not started physiotherapy yet. He said that in 2 or 3 weeks we may start light exersizes of pushing some weight.

    This is scary every step of the way.

  3. My protocol — with NO surgery — called for PWB at 2 wks, and “FWB as tolerated” starting at 4 wks. It took me just a few days after 4 weeks to forget where I’d put the cane and start walking FWB. So I don’t think it’s necessary to be “relying heavily on the sutures” to start walking soon FWB in the boot.

    Many people find the transition scary, but it’s also probably the most liberating and empowering “step” you’ll take since the ATR! Getting out of the boot at 6 weeks is definitely quicker than average, though others have done it. (If you’ve got a hinged boot, I honestly don’t see the advantage — there’s a relatively minor benefit, IMO, and a big increase in risk. With a “fixed” boot, the benefit is a bit bigger, but arguably not big enough.)

    Your “worry about a re-rupture” is well placed. Stay nervous and careful, as you progress and advance! The vast majority of reruptures happen in the first dozen weeks, so you can take that as a Rule of Thumb. . .

  4. Pete,
    I had my cast removed yesterday which had been on for almost 3 weeks. It has been 3 weeks 3 days since surgery and my dr put me in a boot yesterday. He said to get my foot into the boot and that it would be really hard and painful to get it to the 90 degree angle the boot is. I have read on here that most people start with a wedge or two first as I was a little scared of stretching the tendon that much. He jokingly commented that was for babys!! I am so mentally paranoid of that thing popping again just like you. He said the same that your dr said, the sutures were so strong that it would be very difficult to re rupture. He told me to take a deep breath as I placed my foot into the boot and he shoved my heel all the way down into it!!! I bout s**t my pants!! I hardly slept last night because the stretch and pain in my heel was so uncomfortable. So I am jealous that you get the wedges, I’m not liking this at all. He wants me off the crutches and FWB in one week and start PT in 2 weeks so we will see how that goes. Keep us updated as you get off the crutches, I know that I will be relieved to see them go! Good Luck!


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