19 days post op

It has been 19 days since my surgery.  My incision area and tendon itself does not hurt.  What is bothering me more is the fact that other parts of my leg and my left leg are sore from all of the awkward positions I am trying to keep my leg in.  My left  hamstring is getting pretty sore from over compensating the weight on that leg. 

 I returned to work this past Tuesday as I have a desk job that doen’t require constant movement.  I think this was a mistake and it is more uncomfortable sitting there all day than I had anticipated.  Over the next week I am taking some half days to help transition back in.

In 3 days, my doctor instructed me to remove the first wedge out of my boot.  I am very nervous about this as I don’t want to stretch my tendon to much.  At this point I only have an inch (at most) for range of movement in my foot.  I am very worried about rerupturing my tendon.  From what I hear, the tendon is not very strong at all 3 week post op.

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  1. Pete, in general, going faster (within reasonable limits) seems to be safer (against re-rupture) and produces as good or better outcomes than going slower. Most or all of us shared your fears, but these things do heal, and getting them moving seems to help.

    One trick that helps when removing heel wedges is to do it at bed-time. Then your ankle, calf, and AT all have the night to get used to the new position without the extra challenges of any WB you may be doing. (My fave protocol — bit.ly/UWOProtocol — introduces PWB at 14 days post-whatever.) If you’re still NWB, it probably doesn’t make much difference when you remove the wedge.

  2. Pete, I’m almost 7 weeks post-op and I’m finally beginning to feel close to normal. I have 4 weeks in various casts, then a boot for the last three weeks which comes off on Monday. I think week 3 to 4 was the hardest psychologically, boredom setting in, weeks more to go, and no end in sight. Getting rid of the cast (and crutches) at week 4 was progress and it gradually improved from there. It really takes about 6 weeks for the tendon to start feeling stronger. Hang in there. It will get a lot better!

  3. I think everyone who has done their AT worries about rerupture, you are normal!! I always have to remind myself that there is a very low percent of it happening. Reading success stories on this site helps too ;P
    Has your dr given you a protocol to follow at all?

  4. Thanks for all the input. I really don’t have and exact timeline layed out yet. But I have a question for everyone. When you start to take out the wedges out of the boot, should the tendon feel really tight? I don’t want to pull it to much. Also, when did everyone start PWB? How much weight did you start with?

  5. Pete, I think you’ll find “how tight did it feel” experiences are all over the block, from nothing at all to unbearable pain. My protocol — at bit.ly/UWOProtocol — called for a complete removal of all 2cm of wedges, “cold turkey”, at 6 weeks in. My tech accidentally gave me 3cm instead of 2cm, and I found it uncomfortable to make the jump all at once. (I’d been FWB for a couple of weeks by then, so I was boot-walking faster than most of my “able-bodied” pals!) I just spent a couple of days doing it gradually.

    The part I worry about is the COMBO of the new stretch AND lots of WB, which I think is more likely to do damage than either alone. (In fact “lots of WB” seems to avoid damage, not cause it.)

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