7 month update

Today I am about a week shy of my 7 month Post op anniversary. I thought I would post an update as it may be helpful for others looking ahead.

Things are continuing to improve and get better week by week. I do still feel the pulling sensation in my achillies when I am walking/exercising, but it is decreasing and there is zero pain or discomfort associated with it. I stopped PT about a month ago. The rest I am doing on my own. I have been building up my jog time. It has been a slow pace (about 5.0 on a treadmill), but I am up to 24 minutes. This week I am going to start slowly increasing my speed. My PT recommended that I build endurance before speed. I am also doing light cutting and directional change exercises; slides, runing in circles, changing direction, jumps, etc. My calf is still undersized but the doc said that it normally takes a year to come back fully.

I will say that I am very confident at this point doing all of these exercises. As I build up to a faster speed, I’m sure my body will have to adjust. But big picture, I’m happy to be where I am at now. No big issues and continuing to improve. I’m happy to be mobile and pain free (outside of some soreness after workouts) If I had to guess, I’d say i feel about 60-70%. My goal is to feel about 90% at the 1 year point.

I have never been a long distance runner, but I was planning to run my first 5K this past summer. I tore my achilles days before the run. My plan is to still run my first 5K in 2012.

Good luck all!

5 months post op

Hello all,

It has been just over 5 months since my surgury. Things are going well and I am continuing to progress as planned. Yesterday, I did my first jog for 2 minutes at a speed of 4.5. It felt pretty good overall. From here I will increase my jog time. Hopefully I can build up to 15 minutes within a few weeks. After I get their, I will start to up the speed a bit.

At my last doc appt. I was told that I can feel pretty confident with it at 6 months and it would probably be a year before I fully regain my muscle. My ROM is continuing to improve and getting much closer to normal.

Walking feels pretty good most of the time. I don’t really get swelling any more. A lot of the aches and pains from the knees down have gone away as well. I don’t feel normal by any means, but I would guess that I am probably a bit over half way back to where I need to be. I will continue to take things slow and be careful each step of the way.

Good luck everyone.

19 weeks

Well, I’m at 19 weeks and 1 day since surgury. I am feeling pretty close to normal when I am walking. At times, I catch myself limping but I think that is more mental than anything. I am at a point where I am going a few weeks on my own and then I will check back with my PT. My ROM is continuing to improve. It’s not quite back to where my good leg is, but i’m sure it will come with continued stretching. I have not gained full calf stregnth back, but that will come with time. I still work on calf raises and and now I am doing more light plyometrics. I notice when I’m jumping, I heavily favor my good leg. It’s a start though

I am not at the point of jogging just yet. My PT recommened that I transition into that over the next month or so. I know that some of the others have gotten back to jogging earlier than me, but I figured that I’d rather be safe than sorry and I am in no rush to get back to a sport. A mental hurdle that I’ll have to cross soon.

I saw my doctor today and said I can transition back into everything over the next couple months. He said at 6 months I should feel pretty confident to do whatever on it, but it will continue to stregthen from 6 months to a year.

It’s been a long 19 weeks but i’m glad to be where I am. It will be great to reach the point where I can at least go out and shoot some hoops.

16 and 1/2 weeks

It’s been a bit over 16 weeks since my surgery. Things are continuing to progress along. When I am concentrating, my limp is nearly gone, but I am still not back to a fully normal walk yet. As time has gone on, the tightness of the tendon has gone down and my ROM is continuing to improve. Stregth is improving too. I can see muscle definition now. When I used to be working my calf, I only felt pulling on the tendon. Now when I am working it, I can actually feel the muscle getting a workout. I am just starting to get in to very light jumping exersizes. I am starting to feel a bit more confident with the tendon stregth.

As for discomfort, it is really depends on the day. When I walk to much, I get random pains in either achilles and my good knee. But as time goes on it is less and less. I am getting less and less swelling in my ankle these days. At some points, it almost looks close to normal. That’s gotta be a good sign.

PT is down to 1 a week, most of the other stuff I am doing on my own. Doing a lot of biking and leg exersizes. I actually just bought a new bike, it has been the first outside riding that I have done as opposed to a stationary bike. No issues on the normal bike, but I am very scared. I worry about a fall, don’t want a rerupture.

My other big break through is that I can now fully bend my toes. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t curl them all the way. Now I have full movement. This seems petty, but I took it as another milestone.

14 weeks post op

Well it’s been 14 weeks and things are still progressing slowly, but surely. I am doing calf exersizes every other day (mainly heel raises). As time goes on, I am getting a bit stronger and the tendon is a bit looser. My goal is to be able to do a one legged heel raise soonn, but I don’t think I’m that close yet. I’m still feeling a very strong pull on my tendon with more weight.

I am walking around better. When I concentrate on walking, I would say my limp is 90% gone. But as soon as I’m not thinking about it, old habits come back. There is still swelling going on, but it is becoming less and less.

I was starting to feel like I was out of the woods on the rerupture, but reading other peoples experiences makes me realize that I still need to be really careful. My surgeon gave me the guidelines of 3 months to walking, 4 to jogging and 6 months to basketball. I really don’t see my self jogging in 2 weeks. I haven’t even reached plyometrics in my PT yet. I’d rather take it slower and add a couple months to the rehab. It took David Beckham 7 months to get back on the field for partial games, and he is a world class athlete.

12 weeks

Today is my 12 week post op anniversary. I had PT today and I was told that it looked like I hit a plateau due to what I was feeling in my tendon. Question for everyone who has hit 3 months or more. When you were going through PT and doing exersizes where you are pushing off of your toe (i.e. calf raises), did you still feel some pain or discomfort when you pushed more weight? I feel a very strong pull on my tendon everytime I push off of it; the harder I push, the harder the pull. It is really uncomfortable to the point of boarder line pain. My PT told me that at this point, there should not be pain. What were everyone elses experiences? Is this normal? Or do I have an issue?

11 Weeks Post Op

As of today, I am exactly at 11 weeks post op. Things get a little better every few days. Unlike some of the others who ruptured around the time that I did, I do still have a limp. I am ready to be walking normal again, but I still have to gain a bit more ROM and stregnth in my calf. I am in 2 regular shoes with no heel lifts at this point. I am doing PT a couple times a week, but doing all the exercises on my own between sessions. During PT, I am only up to 10 lbs. for single legged calf raises (4 sets of 10). As things are loosening up, I feel that I will be able to up the weight on this pretty quickly.

I have been walking more and more lately with next to no pain. After a long day, my legs will get a bit sore but nothing too major. I am anxiously awaiting my 12 week post op. anniversary next week. Based on all my readings, chances of rerupture decrease signifiatly at that point; just another milestone.

Based on my experience so far, I can tell that this recovery really will be a gradual progression through the rest of the year. At this point, I am very grateful to be able to move around and to be able to go to the gym (machines and bike only). All in all, I can’t complain. I feel that my recovery has gone well thus far. One day at a time.

Almost 9 weeks Post Op

Well, I am just shy of my 9 week anniversay from my surgury that repaired my completely ruptured achilles. I had my 4th PT appointment yesterday. These appointments basically consist of a sound wave machine on my foot for 10 minutes, tendon/calf massage for 10 minutes and then random leg exersizes. I will say that since I started PT, things are getting better every couple of days.

I am walking more and more with 2 shoes (with heel lifts). I still use my boot when I’m out and about for extra protection. But at home and for several hours at work, I am using the shoes. I think that within another week or so, I will be out of the boot completely unless there is a situation where I will be walking a lot on uneven ground.

I am happy to say that most of the pain in my good achilles has all but gone away. I think as I am getting more time in 2 shoes, things are evening out. As for my bad achilles, it is still tight but it feels much better than 2 weeks ago. I am hoping that by 12 weeks, I will be able to walk normal without having to concentrate on it.

All in all, so far so good. I am appreciating being able to walk a bit more with less pain.

7.5 weeks post op - 1st PT

Today I had my first PT session. It consisted of taking some range of motion measurments, a 20 minute tendon massage, icing my ankle and getting all of my questions answered. I’m feeling pretty good about things at this point. Over the next week, I will transition out of my boot into a shoe with 2 heel lifts. At the next PT session, I will start some actual exersizes as I will then be at the 8 week period. I believe we will also start some biking

On the down side of things, I am still having some minor pain in my other achilles and calf from over compensating weight. I am just trying to walk as little as possible, which still ends up being a lot.

When I mention that I dont’ know if I want to play basket ball again due to this injury, the doctor and the PT seem so optimistic about me returning and remind me that this is why I had the surgury. This is great to hear, but sometimes I think that they forget how big of a life changer this injury is since they see it every day.


To anyone who ruptured their right achilles, can you tell me anything about trying to drive (automatic) with the boot? Does it work? Bad idea? Dangerous? Did you break with the left?