Obligatory 1 year post

Well, I missed my year anniversary of rupture and then surgery, but I suppose I still ought to post. A year ago, roughly two weeks past surgery, was not a pleasant time. Frankly, I can’t believe that much time has passed. I guess the message there is that it DOES pass, and you WILL get [...]

Wow, 14 weeks

Can’t believe it has been 14 weeks today since surgery. Those were not the best of times. You never think the time will pass, but it does. These days, it is all about building strength in the calf. I walk normally now, but I need more push off to get back to athletics. So it [...]


Saw a PT today and got some stats. Affected calf is 3cm smaller than the other and my dorsiflexion is 10 degrees less than good side. She seemed to think I was way ahead of schedule, but was unwilling to push things much with doc ordering boot for 11 more days (even though I told [...]

Better than a sharp stick in the eye

So I finally saw my doctor again today after a long, long month. I was frankly somewhat angry after last appointment, given that the doc just removed a heel wedge from the boot and said “see you in a month,” when I was expecting to be given exercises and PT and kudos for walking around [...]


Though I haven’t been cleared for nor advised to, I met with a PT gal today to discuss potential options for accelerating my recovery. She said my achilles looks great and that my range of motion is excellent…but she was unwilling to move forward without orders from my ortho at this stage. So…I am essentially [...]

Not nearly as aggressive as I had hoped

So I just saw the ortho who did my surgery exactly a month ago, Jan 15. I was excited, thinking that I would be on to something new and different; maybe some additional stretching/strengthening exercises, permission to go 2 shoes full time, etc… Turns out I was getting ahead of myself in a big way.
The [...]

Rash decision

So…the rash on my leg stayed annoying enough over the weekend that I went to see my ortho on Monday. He promptly referred me to a dermatologist, who I saw today. At the ortho, they removed the steri-strips leaving the incision naked for the first time. It looks nasty to me, but they seemed to [...]


So…went to the doc for the first time today, 10 days post-op. I have to say that after 10 days spent essentially on my backside indoors, getting outside and driving to the doctor’s office was a treat in and of itself. Fresh air does wonders for the spirits…wish I had crutched outside earlier than now.
Getting [...]

One week ago

I was under the knife at this hour. It has been a long, boring week in bed with my foot in the air. Here’s to hoping the weekend passes quickly, and that the doc has something interesting to say and something different for me to do come Monday.

First Post

So I think this means I have my own “space” here now? I definitely want to track my progress (none so far) and offer any support I can to new rupturees. I found this site extremely helpful to me in the 8 days between my injury and surgery.
My story is like most. I was once [...]