Though I haven’t been cleared for nor advised to, I met with a PT gal today to discuss potential options for accelerating my recovery. She said my achilles looks great and that my range of motion is excellent…but she was unwilling to move forward without orders from my ortho at this stage. So…I am essentially [...]

Not nearly as aggressive as I had hoped

So I just saw the ortho who did my surgery exactly a month ago, Jan 15. I was excited, thinking that I would be on to something new and different; maybe some additional stretching/strengthening exercises, permission to go 2 shoes full time, etc… Turns out I was getting ahead of myself in a big way.
The [...]

Rash decision

So…the rash on my leg stayed annoying enough over the weekend that I went to see my ortho on Monday. He promptly referred me to a dermatologist, who I saw today. At the ortho, they removed the steri-strips leaving the incision naked for the first time. It looks nasty to me, but they seemed to [...]