Six Months Post-Op

And doing very well. I am back to doing the things I did before, but not quite as quick a first step and limited in ability to jump…
I am walking pain free and without a limp, still a bit of difference in the size of my calves–when will that get back to normal, or will it.

Good luck to all, and thanks for all the info and encouragement.

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  1. I think the calf size (and “look”) depends on what you do. 8 yrs ago (first ATR) I worked at it a bit and returned to bicycling and competitive volleyball, and I think the difference vanished. I can’t check it now, because I tore the other AT, so now THAT calf muscle is the “funny” one!

    Interestingly, I didn’t lose hardly any calf-muscle circumference this time! But the part of the gastroc that projects medially, toward the other leg, is clearly smaller, so there must be extra mass in the back(?). Still working on strength at 21 weeks, though.

    If you “work” it, it will come. . .

  2. My jump is still an inch or two short of where it used to be. I’m starting to wonder if it will ever fully recover. It may be that my calf is fine, but the tendon itself is not the same elastic energy storage device that it used to be.


  3. That’s interesting, Doug. My only measurement of my vertical jump, after my first ATR healed (10-11 months post-op), was how well I could spike a ball downwards, over a volleyball net. Using that rough measure, it seemed at least as good as it used to be.

    Mind you, I am left-footed, and I tore my RIGHT AT first, so maybe that wasn’t the best test. But it felt solid, and I never felt a deficit, either jumping or on floor defense (which is what actually tore both of my ATs).

    I’m currently “negotiating” with a couple of cardiologists over whether or not I’m going to return to competitive volleyball in the Fall, so I may have to delay the next test until I’m REALLY an old guy. . .

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