Into Da Boot…

Got rid of cast, he thought about another 3 weeks in cast, but opted to go with the boot.  I am HAPPY and got HAPPY FEET (I just did a little jig on my crutches and one foot).  I even gave my self a treat and bought a bag of Good and Plenty…I couldn’t find Jelly things that someone else’s nurse gave them.

Doc said “very” PWB–I am happy with that and am working constantly to keep pushing the bar.  Was wonderful to shower without a cast and to be able to stand and not sit…I feel like a young man (do you know how hard it is for an active 60 year old man to have to sit down to take a shower) and even made a short trip to the sporting goods store to peruse the fishing tackle in anticipation that SOON I will be able to go fishing again.

Question:  How many of you have used this injury to NOT attend functions/events that maybe you could have?  Be honest now….

I would be remiss to not give a great big THANK YOU to my wonderful wife of 40 years who has really taken care of me and made this whole ordeal quite bearable.  I am so blessed to have her and her gift of mercy and service.  She is an RN and has really been wonderful (however–she did say something about “The Gravy Train” coming to an end–I just play dumb like I don’t know what she is talking about) and gone above and beyond the call of duty–she says it is because she love me.  I am blessed!

Another milestone met, and will start PT in 3 weeks.

On a different note, is anyone familiar with the bicycles that work like an elliptical?  Here are two websites…if you have some feedback, I would appreciate it, as I am sort of thinking about getting one.  Don’t care to run anymore, and would be an alternative to going to the gym everyday…

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  1. Congratulations on the passage into the boot……it is, without question, a huge milestone in your recovery. I was only in a cast for a little over two weeks….. the boot was certainly a welcomed relief. Having the freedom to take it off and “air things out” is a huge step in the right direction. Enjoy the weekend………looks like we’ll be getting some snow here in Utah. Best wishes……….Stroh

  2. Congratulations! I just got into the boot last week and you’re absolutely right; being able to take it off and let the foot breathe is indeed a wonderful thing. I’ve been having some swelling around the foot and ankles, just wondering if you’re experiencing them too?

    Hope you have a speed recovery!

  3. Mike,

    Yes, as I get out and about I do develop a bit of swelling around the ankle and foot, as well as along the AT.

    I find that after getting out, and if possible while out, I elevate my foot and the swelling goes down fairly quick.

    My surgeon gave me a prescription for TED Hose (a form of compression sock but they go a little higher) and said it will keep swelling and fluid down a bit and enhance better circulation. Swelling seems to inhibit blood flow, which in turn slows down healing.

    Hope this help and you continue to do well…

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