Almost 3 weeks Post-Op

sutures-outSutures came out.  New cast goes on.  Return in 3 weeks and go into the boot.

When cast was not on, able to flex my foot from 60* to 90* with not pain.

Pushing it any further resulted in pain in the heel where the AT is anchored to the Calcaneal.  Still quite tender.

Waiting patiently for next  3 weeks to pass…

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  1. Congrats — that sounds good that you can go to 90 degrees without any pain. I’ll have my appointment monday.

  2. Stitches are always nice to be rid of, I think I dreaded having mine pulled more than just about anything (except my first trip to the hospital).

    The heel pain will be with your for a while. Its not the same kind of pain that comes with an ATR, it feels bony. I’m associating mine with the suture pins that they put in place in my calcaneous on either side of the tendon, depending on the procedure they followed to remount your achilles you could be facing more initial discomfort that will disappear more quickly.

    If I had it to do over I’d be asking for a new MRI at each milestone - when stitches come out, going into the boot and then going two shoed, just for my own peace of mind.

    If you can convince your surgeon (and I’m guessing insurer) that its a good protocol go for it.

  3. Just came across this blog and am relieved to learn I’m not going crazy! I can fully relate to this ‘bony’ pain you talk about. I’m four month’s post op following a debridement and osteotomy to treat Hagglund’s deformity. The procedure seems to have helped the tendinosis symptoms, but I’ve got this ‘bony’ protrusion underneath the scar on the heel and it hurts like hell.

    At first it was explained by a dissolving suture that hadn’t dissolved, and they went back in there to dig it out. This helped for a while, but it seems that if I wear shoes that rub on the heel, the bump gets bigger. What’s going on? Will this get better? Do I need to see my surgeon again?

    Good luck to everyone who is recovering from surgery. It’s not easy …

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