Trouble Getting Comfortable In Bed…

Anyone else have difficulty getting comfortable and to sleep in bed with the cast on…?

Seems like I do better in a recliner/La-Z-Boy….

Watching 3rd baseball playoff game today, watched 3 yesterday…

I just want to get a decent few hours sleep…

5 Responses to “Trouble Getting Comfortable In Bed…”

  1. I’ve had a terrible time with sleeping - more with the boot than when I was in a splint. I’ve read of others getting a “night splint”, but since you are in a cast, that won’t do much for you now. If you are getting some sleep in the recliner, then I say stay in the recliner!

  2. I had the same problem when I was in the cast…I found that it helped to put a couple of bed pillows under my knee (rather than near the heel), so that the foot was almost “suspended” off the edge of the pillows…..But still awkward, so maybe you’ve found your solution in the LaZboy…

  3. Yes, that was a problem for me but eventually had a variety of pillows plus a folded single duvet so I could criss-cross them to vary the angle and elevation. Found I could sleep on my side more comfortably if I put a pillow between my knees. Whatever works.

  4. Rum worked for me.

  5. Yup, its tough to find the perfect position for the cast. I find I toss and turn all night.

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