Gonna have surgery….

Have been in an air boot for the past month. Went to doctor in early July because I had pain in back of my left leg after jogging…lower down towards the upper heel. They did MRI and and said I have some tears in the Achilles and some other issues . Surgery will involve detachment of achilles, and some bone reshaping. Equivallent to ATR, but lower than where it normally ruptures (at least this is what I can understand). I have been reading all the post, as a lurker, and have gotten some really great info from here.

To be honest with you, I am kind of hesitant, but have decided that I cannot continue to function with the pain and the inability to do the things that I used to do. My biggest fear is the time right after the surgery and the lack of mobility….but all of you seem to have gotten past that, so I guess I will too.

I am a 60 year old male, active and athletic, and my problem is with the Achilles on my Left Foot.

Anyone else on here from South Louisiana?

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  1. At least with the left foot in cast you can drive an automatic car, lucky you!

    I hope you have help around the house, because with the crutches you will not be able to even carry a glass of beer to the tv room for yourself! (good thing beer comes in a can - just do not open it before you sit down!)
    Stock up on DVDs and good books.

    Good luck!

  2. Roy:

    Hang in there. I had surgery on June 1 and I’m taking steps around the house right now. You will get better and I believe thankful that you decided to get the procedure.

    Are the Saints going to have a team this year?

  3. Pendersnitzel: Did you check out Debra’s latest post titled, “Heel Spur Surgery”? There are several of us that have had versions of the surgery you are headed for. When is your surgery scheduled?

  4. Thanks, I found Debra’s blog. She had exactly what I have and I will follow her closely.

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