Six Months Post-Op

And doing very well. I am back to doing the things I did before, but not quite as quick a first step and limited in ability to jump…
I am walking pain free and without a limp, still a bit of difference in the size of my calves–when will that get back to normal, or will it.

Good luck to all, and thanks for all the info and encouragement.

13 weeks and discharged

Doctor visit today….I am discharged.

Doing pretty good…better than before the surgery.

10 Weeks and doing well…

10 Weeks, in two shoes, very little limp, very little if any pain.
done 2 weeks physio and that is quite uneventful to me.

Still some swelling at end of day, and I know when I push it a little to far, cause I get instant discomfort.

All in all, very satisfied.

Dumped The Crutches

Wednesday I was barely PWB in the boot.  Friday, I decided to just see what I could do w/0 the crutches.  Stood up and walked, slowly and small steps, to the kitchen.  All went well, so I headed out the door to take a trip up and down the driveway.  About 40 yards one way–made 2 round trips–was uneventful and very minimal discomfort.

Friday, decided I could make a trip to my favorite coffee shop.  Got in the car, drove to coffee shop with laptop in backpack and had a good 2+ hours there and then back home.   Wife was ecstatic when she got home (announced the Gravy Train was over) and we went out for dinner and I could walk in, sit where I wanted and not worry what I was gonna do with the crutches.

Saturday, had a good day and made sure not to over-do it.  It feels so good to have the freedom that you gain once you do not have to be on the crutches.

Now, there is some swelling after being up a bit, but I am careful not to try to do too much and I elevate immediately after coming into the house.  It takes about 2 hours for the swelling to go away.  But the best thing is, I have no pain, about 90% range of motion in my foot/ankle and I have not been to PT yet.

Told my wife I was going Fishing Monday–She said no you are not–so maybe I will wait until I see the Doctor again in 3 weeks before I push that.

Into Da Boot…

Got rid of cast, he thought about another 3 weeks in cast, but opted to go with the boot.  I am HAPPY and got HAPPY FEET (I just did a little jig on my crutches and one foot).  I even gave my self a treat and bought a bag of Good and Plenty…I couldn’t find Jelly things that someone else’s nurse gave them.

Doc said “very” PWB–I am happy with that and am working constantly to keep pushing the bar.  Was wonderful to shower without a cast and to be able to stand and not sit…I feel like a young man (do you know how hard it is for an active 60 year old man to have to sit down to take a shower) and even made a short trip to the sporting goods store to peruse the fishing tackle in anticipation that SOON I will be able to go fishing again.

Question:  How many of you have used this injury to NOT attend functions/events that maybe you could have?  Be honest now….

I would be remiss to not give a great big THANK YOU to my wonderful wife of 40 years who has really taken care of me and made this whole ordeal quite bearable.  I am so blessed to have her and her gift of mercy and service.  She is an RN and has really been wonderful (however–she did say something about “The Gravy Train” coming to an end–I just play dumb like I don’t know what she is talking about) and gone above and beyond the call of duty–she says it is because she love me.  I am blessed!

Another milestone met, and will start PT in 3 weeks.

On a different note, is anyone familiar with the bicycles that work like an elliptical?  Here are two websites…if you have some feedback, I would appreciate it, as I am sort of thinking about getting one.  Don’t care to run anymore, and would be an alternative to going to the gym everyday…


This is more of a question….If one has a complete/total rupture of the AT,  how could not having surgery fix the problem.  There has to be a lot of tension on the AT, so when it “parts”, seems like the upper portion would move further away from the lower part-the longer one goes without addressing it.

Or, is it only a slight/partial tear that really would not require surgical repair in the first place?

So, with a complete tear/rupture,  how could the conservative method provide healing or reattachment of the AT?

Big Toe Hurts…

Since my surgery (not on a bunion) my big toe hurts.  It is like a burning sensation.  It hurt for about 5 days after surgery then stopped, and has since begun to hurt again.

Anyone else out there have this?

Almost 3 weeks Post-Op

sutures-outSutures came out.  New cast goes on.  Return in 3 weeks and go into the boot.

When cast was not on, able to flex my foot from 60* to 90* with not pain.

Pushing it any further resulted in pain in the heel where the AT is anchored to the Calcaneal.  Still quite tender.

Waiting patiently for next  3 weeks to pass…

Follow Up Visit….

10 days post op and saw Ortho today.  He said incision looks very good and has chosen to leave them in for one more week.  Did a re-cast today, so toughest decision I had to make today was “what color”.  Went with red, place foot at 90*, come back in a week–probably get sutures out and recast.  Said I may not see a boot for another 4-6 weeks…

Hope the rest of you are doing well…

Soft Cast Off….Incision…..Hard Cast On

Incision at 10 days

Incision at 10 days