It’s been quite a while since I last posted, but for all the right reasons - life is back to full steam ahead……. what ATR???!!!! It’s all a distant memory now!

I returned to the class in which I did my ATR (just before the 9th month mark), admittedly it was attended with trepidation but I soon realised that my ‘bad leg’ was no longer bad and that it was now good so all classes are tackled head on now and to my full capability. It has been very much onwards and upwards, last Sunday (one day off my 10 month mark) I ran my very first organised race and to my delight I completed it in my pre ATR time. This was my aim, but to actually achieve it was an amazing feeling.

I still find my Achilles feels much better if I excersise everyday, it definately seizes up a bit if I sit around so keeping active is my daily aim.

I have no regrets of having surgery and perhaps more interestingly no regrets from even getting an ATR, I still firmly believe it has made me stronger not just physically but mentally too and I have a renewed appreciation for things.

So my leg is good and life is great. It proves that you do recover and life does get back to normal even though at times it feels like you are not. Happy healing - take it steadily, and sensibly then most things can be achieved.

6 Responses to “10 Months and my Mojo is completely back!!!”

  1. donna Says:

    Thanks so much for the good news! YAY for what you said: ” I still firmly believe it has made me stronger not just physically but mentally too and I have a renewed appreciation for things.”

    That was really helpful to hear this morning as I’m at that point (going on 18 weeks in a few days) in which I can still get really discouraged at the things I can’t do…I’m mentally working on what I can do. Yesterday I couldn’t walk as long as I wanted but I could do core and upper body work so I did.

    I’m really happy for you, I can feel your joy/excitement and it’s truly meaningful!

  2. Pegleg Says:

    Thank you Donna, you are at that ‘frustrating’ phase where you want to do more but the achilles is still sensitive, I remember it well!!

    I would bet that in another couple weeks you will start to see/feel a difference, most of us have found that the 5 - 6 month mark is where things change, yes slowly but slow is good. I didn’t rush any phase but did always push my exersises to the point of muscle fatigue (controlled) and thus far have found it has put me in goodstead.

    I wish you well and sincerely hope my story can be an inspiration and a reminder that as long as you are willing to put in the rehab work you will return to life as you knew it but wiser!! (Assuming you haven’t encountered any unforeseen problems).

  3. andypez Says:

    Pegleg… Congrats!….had surgery just over a week ago and look. I know it’s a long road ahead before I get back on my feet but I will embrace the challenges ahead and keep a positive attitude. Thanks for the post.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Congrats! Proof that some of us actually DO get better :)
    I’m at a year and 3 months and am “slowly” getting stronger but not without some pain. Driving is still annoying because I fatigue easy.
    I was told a good year from my 2nd doctor for recovery, so I’m still holding out hope.
    thanks and good luck
    -bone spur removal was my surgery

  5. Pegleg Says:

    Jeff, very sorry to hear that you are still struggling, I feel like I have read a few times that others have struggled after bone spur removal, this must be extremely frustrating.
    Hang in there, do your exercises religiously and I am sure it will eventually strengthen up more. I have no doubt that my recovery has had a lot to do with my excersise routine, it has been very tough and frustrating at times but it is upon reflection that I realise how far I have come from that first feeling of being out a cast or boot!
    I wish you well.

  6. skelonas Says:

    Thanks for the inspiring update pegleg!

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