Haven’t been on here for ages, so I hope everyone is making good progress and for those very new to here, hang on in there, it’s tough but it DOES get better.

Well what can I say…..I have now basically forgotten about my ATR - I am back to full steam ahead and basically living my life as I did before ATR, that is except for the daily heel raises! I am back to all sport, still running slightly slower than before but I am working on that, I have started doing plyometrics so hopefully this will reinstate the remaining lack of strength/power. My calve size is still increasing gradually and now has good definition and shape, the actual repair site is still slightly thickened but is much better than I dared hope for. I have been given the go ahead to train for some road races early next year so I look forward to following a training programme for those.

My next aim is to get back to skiing, the snow is starting to fall on the mountains here in Scotland so I hope to get out very soon. This will be met with some apprehension as it is something that you can’t really test until you get out there (other than sticking your feet into your boots, clipping into to your skis and standing there in the middle of your heated home). I know I am now physically strong enough so it will be more the mental battle but let’s face it us ATR’s are well practiced in those :-)

Happy healing and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

4 Responses to “7 month mark and it’s all systems go!!!”

  1. JumpmanRugs Says:

    7 months?! Nice work! I’ve given myself the goal of the end of April for my return to the court, though I’m sure I will still miss the season entirely. That would give me a goal of about 6-7 months also! We will see what I can do!

  2. herewegoagain Says:

    Thats fantastic progress and I am looking forward to reaching the point where my ATR is no longer such a focus in my life. Have fun skiing, I am sure you will do just fine!

  3. normofthenorth Says:

    Great stuff! In addition to standing in my boots and on my skis, I also practiced snapping out of my bindings, especially the heel binding — you know, the one that puts tension directly on your AT!! I did that early on — at 17 weeks for this past ATR, and not much later for the first one — so I first dialed that heel binding way down (to a very low “DIN” setting, i.e., easy resistance to releasing). After I survived snapping out of it, I dialed it a bit higher, and kept repeating that cycle until I got it high enough that I thought I’d stay in the binding most of the time. I left it a little lower-lighter than it had been, maybe ~5 DIN instead of 7, but it was a fine compromise. The one binding release I remember from that trip was a complete “yard sale”, when I “lost” both skis, and rightly so.
    In your case, you may keep tightening up the setting until it’s as high as normal — or not, depending on what feels good, and sensible.
    Make sure you’re adjusting the tension on the release, and not the size. There are usually two adjusting screws right at the back of the heel fitting, one for each. If you’re in doubt about which is which, get advice from a handy skier (I mean one who’s “handy” with tools, not just nearby!), or from a ski shop.
    And if you’re planning a trip to Whistler, let me know and we may be able to coordinate and meet up! :-)

  4. cardiojunkie Says:

    Great to hear and just in time for ski season! Your post is inspiration for the rest of us and gives us something to look forward to. I’m at 17 weeks and have similar goals to return to running and sports. Enjoy!

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