Went to see my physio this week and she is very happy with my progress, so much so that she has announced that she can do no more for me and is basically signing me off her priority list!!

She is most impressed with my commitment and drive to beat this injury and believes my dedication to all the exercises etc has paid off. It’s not all perfect, in fact far from it - I still lack explosive strength and still struggle to do multiple heel raises (off the edge of a step) using my ATR leg but my PT says that time and continued exercise is the only answer for this and to be honest I agree. I am keeping away from the high impact exercises until my strength has improved a little more, (probably once I can stop my heel from dropping when I land on my tip toes) I don’t think there is any point on adding stress to my achilles when it is obviously not quite ready! I am however managing spinning, light jogging and now boxercise, so can do plenty to keep me ‘on my toes’!!!

So generally it’s all good, I feel very fortunate that I have been blessed with a relatively straight forward recovery thus far. I also hope it gives extra confidence to those who were not on a fast protocol, I was NWB in a cast for first 6 weeks then went straight into FWB in the boot there after, I did have a lot of muscle waste and did have to grit my teeth and push through discomfort etc but I look back now and think it was well worth it!! I am a couple weeks off my six month mark and find myself amazed that I have achieved a lot more than I had ever thought I would have by this stage, other than the scar (which is neat) and a slightly smaller calf you would never know that I had been on such a testing and character building journey!!!