The next step……..

October 8, 2014

So here I am now able to run on the treadmill for 5 - 10mins with good form, my PT doesn’t want me to do more than this for now to avoid tiring my foot/leg which leads to slapping - I can live with that. On Monday I completed my spinning class having done everything to the full, yay I can now stand comfortably when required so next step is to turn up the resistance.
Yesterday at PT, I was introduced to the Bosu Ball - doing step ups, lunges and single leg balancing, I can really feel how my balance is being challenged further and how all my muscles are being forced into working….. brilliant!!!
The exercise I have have to work at most is the good old simple heel/calf raise, I still don’t have good strength standing on my bad leg when fully up on my top toes, I just seem to cave in when past a certain height. So it’s double raises transferring onto bad leg to go down, so simple but ridiculously hard and frustrating, grrrrrrr.
The definition in my calf is rapidly improving but as before still smaller than other leg.
With referrence to achilles scars, mine is also thicker/keloid at the bottom but have been told this is caused by how they tie off the stitches, seemingly this is where the finishing knots would have been. My trainers also rub the very bottom of the scar which does irritate it but nothing too major, the OS told me that this would eventually reduce over time.
Out of curiosity has anyone gone done the accupuncture route? I was speaking to a fellow gym goer this morning and they said that they found this to be very benifical even though at first they didn’t believe in accupuncture. More food for thought.