Very brief update:-
Things are thankfully still progressing well and at a reasonable pace. I can now follow my spinning class at the same rpm and with high resistance as the rest of the participants, the only area I now need to improve with regards to spinning is the amount of standing time I can do. I still have not been given the all clear to run properly (as in trails etc), I can do short jogs with a shortened slow stride buts that is it, as when I increase speed I go very flat footed on the injured side. To help improve this my physio has now introduced me to small single leg squat jumps, heel drops and raises off a step plus reasonably fast stepping on and off a step on my tip toes, I am to do these with emphasis along with all the other ‘easier’ things.

As for appearance, my ankle/achilles is most definitely remoulding nicely, it has a more defined shape and the achilles its self has a lot more manuoverabilty when being manipulated. My calf shows the two muscle heads well now but the size is still way off normal.

As time progresses I don’t really think about the injury nearly so much - hence the lack of posting here. I find that the fears and frustrations have more or less gone and now the determination of regaining improved fitness and strength is predominant in my thoughts. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about you other ATR’s because I do - a lot, I really hope that you all are making good progress and always remember to look back and see just how far you have come since the dreaded ‘pop’ and the all the ups and downs it brings with it. Even when we take three steps forward and two back we are still making progress towards that finishing line of the Achilles Marathon!

Wishing you all good progress. :-)