Best progress yet!

September 4, 2014

I am writing this to state as many have stated before ‘Time and effort really are great healers’.

So her I am feeling rather pleased with myself, since my last post things have come A LONG WAY! I have now been completely signed off from my OS and hospital as they couldn’t believe how well I looked and normal I could walk etc. The lump of the repaired achilles and the actual scar are improving everyday and most of all I hardy get any pain or swelling anymore.

As far as the general daily requirements of the achilles I have no restrictions what so ever therefore I am now concentrating on achieving the next level towards getting back to my very full on active and challenging lifestyle. I have upped my exercise routine and this has proven to have increased the strength and mobility greatly. My routines involve targeted single leg squats, stepping, wobble board, spinning, gentle rebounding and always finish with slow and concise stretches. I swim on my ‘in between days’ so I am now basically very active everyday and thankfully with no ill effects just positive ones :-)

I have completed 1hr spinning classes, holding a good steady RPM with resistance but have not done any standing time on the bike so guess that is my next aim. PT is also going well and proving to be very worthwhile. It is interesting speaking to people in the gym who enquire how your are doing. Many just stare in horror at the scar and say ‘ I don’t think I could cope’ - my reply is the same every time, I tell them how you are faced with two choices :- either give in to it all, sit around, feel sorry for yourself and stop living OR bite the bullet, grit your teeth and fight to get life back as you know and live it! It is amazing how with the power of the mind you can fight through the difficulties, many frustrations and suddenly find that you have started to exceed your own initial expectations and then that’s when your fire is lighted even more and the desire to come back fitter and better than before becomes the driving force.

Hang in there newbies to ATR and those who are struggling, yes it is hard, painful, frustrating etc but it DOES get better and the bad times start to fade from memory and the achievements start to replace them. Happy, healthy healing to you all.

7 Responses to “Best progress yet!”

  1. davidk Says:

    Pegleg, glad to hear you’re doing so well–congratulations! -David

  2. normofthenorth Says:

    Great post, Pegleg!

    Worth also being grateful for the power of healing, which is one of life’s biggest miracles, IMO. And feeling sympathy for those whose healing has been less than miraculous, for whatever reasons.

  3. pegleg Says:

    Yes Norm you are so correct, the human bodies natural healing power is an amazing and powerful thing.

    I don’t for a minute take it for granted and must say that I truly feel for those whose journey have not or are not taking a smooth route and sincerely hope that they soon find themselves making good progress.

  4. jimb0san Says:

    Excellent post. very uplifting. i am glad you are doing good. i hope to be in the same condition when i hit 16 weeks.

  5. peterg Says:

    I take so much from reading this post, you give me so much confidence that I to can get to the stage your at in the same sort of timeframe….
    so many people are willing to right me off as a crossfit athlete but they do not know the fire that burns inside of me to get back and prove them wrong!

    Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  6. pegleg Says:


    I firmly believe that if you are willing to put in the hard work, (whilst always listening to your body ) most things are achievable. Obviously it all takes time and can’t be forced but equally you do have to put in concise effort to reap the benefits. I have a fairly long way to go to get back to my old self but as I start to feel stronger my inner determination takes hold and drives me on. Yes of course I have bad days/times but I had also had those before the injury!!!!

    The simple thing of being able to do few few baby single heal lifts with my bad leg has been a big catalyst so I now do a few whenever I can and therefore gradually build and engage the muscles. The stronger you get the more you can do!!!!

    So yes, there will always be those who doubt and you can listen to them but what is really important is to listen to yourself, your body and fight for what you want. :-)

    I wish you a good recovery and am delighted I have given you hope as many others on the achilles blog have done for me.

  7. herewegoagain Says:

    Wonderful to read how well you are doing- it is so encouraging for all of us who are yet to reach that point. Progress is a very individual thing thats for sure- the part we all share is the need to put in the work, progress does not come our way on its own!

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