Wobble board and Reformer

August 9, 2014

Quick update.

Things going well, walking without a limp for most of the day although quality of gait does decline as the day goes on (depending on what I have been doing). Still icing 3 x a day and sometimes elevating the ankle when seated to keep the swelling at bay.

Saw the PT again yesterday, she was pleased to see that I had reduced the temp in my ankle and that my dorsiflexaion has further improved, so she pushed me a bit further. I did a great set of exercises on the Reformer followed by the ‘rocking and wobble boards’ finished off with heel raises and gentle calf stretches.
Have ordered my own wobble board to continue improving my balance and lower leg strength at home and I am going to try and swim as much as possible to try and start improving my cardio fitness as I HATE not feeling on top form.

So all in all everything good, as everyone else say’s progress is frustratingly slow but it is the nature of achilles recovery so we just need focus and get on with it.

10 Responses to “Wobble board and Reformer”

  1. davidk Says:

    Pegleg, nice report–I’m glad things are going well for you. You’ve got a good attitude about this predicament–that goes a long way. In just a few weeks, I think you’ll be surprised at your progress from here–in a good way! -David

  2. blondie Says:

    Hi not sure if I am in the right place! I fully ruptured achillies tendon last Saturday doing the highland fling trying to be funny at my parents golden wedding anniversary when someone kicked me in the back of the leg….. But apparently that was when my tendon ruptured. So I am desperate for some advice. I can find a lot of info about symptoms to tell if you have rupture but need some advice on what is normal during recovery. When I went to hospital I told them I also had a really sore calf and hey said this was probably fibre tear pain. The last couple of days pain getting much worse in lower calf especially when I stand to go to the toilet in cast and no weight bearing is it normal to have intense pain like this Please advise thanks

  3. chris89 Says:

    Start a blog blondie need a bit more info. Was it confirmed to be a rupture did you get surgery, how long have you been in a cast. Etc

  4. blondie Says:

    Yes confirmed full rupture. Was advised to have cast not surgery. Have been in cast since Monday and told will keep it on for 8 weeks.
    Will try and do blog this is all a bit new to me. Should I be in pain with a cast on??

  5. chris89 Says:

    So it was a recent rupture. I wish I could help, I had my injury and 3 days later was operated I had no pain short of swelling from not elevating my leg. That might be it. But I could be entirely wrong.

  6. pegleg Says:

    If it is getting worse get it checked! Many of us have experienced a strong ache/ rush of blood (usually more to the foot though) when standing with a cast on. Have you been on blood thinners since you are in a cast and have you been told to be aware for blood clots? Also assume your cast will be changed over the 8 weeks adjusting your foot angle can you confirm this? Any doubts speak to your doctor or Orthopaedic consultant! This is a great place to come for support etc but only your own Dr can truly clarify what you are experiencing. Good luck, take care and keep us posted.

  7. davidk Says:

    Blondie, as an ATR patient, you’re definitely in the right place, although you would be much better served to start your own blog. Having had surgery myself, I can’t speak from experience about the non-op recovery–BUT, generally, early on, discomfort is to be expected, intense pain not. It could be something simple, like a too-tight cast. Regardless, if you’re in significant pain, this site cannot help you–you need to consult your doctor. -David

  8. pegleg Says:

    Spooky David, we replied at the same time with the same answer!!!!!

  9. davidk Says:

    Well, pegleg, you know the old saying, “great minds think alike”! -David

  10. blondie Says:

    Thank you I think I have done my blog now so I can keep in touch.

    I am on blood thinners but do have constant discomfort pain in calf even when resting and then when I stand it becomes intense lower down calf I to foot. will call doctors tomorrow to talk it though

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