Long way to go!

Long way to go!

Look no wobble but along way to go to get all the muscle back!

Look no wobble but along way to go to get all the muscle back!

This weeks report is that I have started swimming again, it feels great to be exerting myself. The breast stoke is my favoured stroke for now as I find that front crawl aggravates the flexion in my foot.

I also went kayaking down a local river yesterday, whilst it was great to be out on the water, I did feel rather vulnerable so was very cautious about any white water and tried to avoid it at all costs!

Walking is improving on a daily basis, I am just about back to my old fast pace and the bonus is with no limp! Yes I do still get bad days, but they are when I have simply done too much so the old ankle tells me to stop and rest so that’s exactly what I do!

PT went well and have been given even more exercises so great progress there, even the PT is saying she has to consciously not get caught up in my enthusiasm and ability and not push for too much too soon. Have been given some great tips about watching my whole body posture as I was trying to compensate for the restrictions in my ankle/lower leg. The main focus of PT for now is still to improve my strength as my general ROM is back to normal bar the extreme pointing of toes. What we have discovered is that I feel my ankle movement is restricted when I try to point my foot, I describe it as a ‘blocked/jammed’ feeling around where the repair is on the back of my heal/ankle, I assume it is due to the thickened tendon and residue swelling - has anyone else experienced this, I am curious to hear any thoughts and remedies (and be able to get my favourite leather pull on boots, back on!!)

So that’s this week, hope everyone else is making progress, no matter how slow, keep your chin up because at least you are moving forward!!!

Wobble board and Reformer

August 9, 2014

Quick update.

Things going well, walking without a limp for most of the day although quality of gait does decline as the day goes on (depending on what I have been doing). Still icing 3 x a day and sometimes elevating the ankle when seated to keep the swelling at bay.

Saw the PT again yesterday, she was pleased to see that I had reduced the temp in my ankle and that my dorsiflexaion has further improved, so she pushed me a bit further. I did a great set of exercises on the Reformer followed by the ‘rocking and wobble boards’ finished off with heel raises and gentle calf stretches.
Have ordered my own wobble board to continue improving my balance and lower leg strength at home and I am going to try and swim as much as possible to try and start improving my cardio fitness as I HATE not feeling on top form.

So all in all everything good, as everyone else say’s progress is frustratingly slow but it is the nature of achilles recovery so we just need focus and get on with it.