Operation & First 2 Weeks

On Thurs 14th Oct I had my surgery. Woke up to a half cast and bandage from my toes to my knees.

The surgeon called over later in the day and told me the operation had gone extremely well. He got the ankle angle flexed better than average and a full recovery is expected. So I’m very happy with that.

He reminds me there will be 8 weeks in a cast. The cast will be changed every 2 weeks with the angle of the flex on the achilles elongated each time. 

8 weeks in a cast is a long time. I’ve never experienced something as serious as this before but mentally I accept it and move on. My main concerns are my job and golf. 

It does help to be mobile in my job. But if I improve my delegation abilities I’ll get the results needed. So at least I can get back to work in next few days.

I finished playing competitive football 2 years ago so that is a big consolation. I will not be playing indoor soccer ever again. Golf is my passion. Luckily winter is setting in and golf season won’t kick in till next March. Mentally this helps. Something to aim for. 

And I’m looking for all things that can help me mentally because every days that goes by I realise how bad this injury is. The mental state will be so important.

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