Indoor Soccer ‘POP’

Oct 11th 2010 8pm Limerick last play of our hour long indoor soccer session. Ball is 5 yards away so I need to change direction and push off the left leg.


All I can do is hold myself up on my hands and knees. I know imediately I have done serious damage. I’ve no pain but I know I’m in trouble.

The other lads look over thinking get up there was no one near you.

I’m able to shuffle to the changing rooms. My friend Damo stays on. Just to check on me. I feel my achilles and all I can feel is a soft gap. The achillies is gone!!

After 24hrs waiting in A&E in Limerick I eventually get a bed in a ward in Limerick Regional. I’m told I will be having an operation to¬†stitch the achillies together followed by 8 weeks in a cast. OMG

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