1st Cast Change & Blood Clot!

I developed a pain quiet a severe one at top of my left calf a few days b4 my 1st cast change.

I went in on 28th Oct. Had the half cast removed and got the stitches out. Saw the scar and was impressed that it was small and had healed v well.

I explained to my Doc that I have severe pain in my upper calf. He examined it briefly and told me it’s OK. The nurse putting my cast on says it could be a clot and goes back to the Doc. But she is also told it is not.

So I hop out with my new cast and head home.

Nov 4th 5.30 a.m. I wake up with pain in my right side. Think I must have slept in bad position. I turn onto my left side. Pain intensity keeps increasing, eventually to a level that effectively paralyses me.

After an ambulance journey to hospital and numerous blood tests, scans, injections I’m told on Fri evening a clot is stuck in my lung. It will take a few months for the lung to heal. I’ll be on warfarin (blood thinner) for next 6 months. If I could get my hands on that Doctor I’d punch his lights out.

Another week in hospital. Unable to sleep, using a zimmer frame to walk, scared to close my eyes. Mentally tortured. What if it moves, what if there is another one, what if i don’t wake up. Tortured.

After another week at home I get back to work on Nov 22nd. Lung better and able to sleep.

For anyone reading this, Please insist on a factual diagnoses if you have any similar concerns. Get it checked. I would not wish what I went through on my worst enemy. Insist on getting it checked. I should have!!

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  1. Glad you are doing better. I believe there are actually quite a few people here who have somewhat similar stories about docs not taking the time to do a complete check when people have problems. Although yours is the first blood clot I recall reading about on here.

  2. I had the opposite. I had alot of swelling at about 10 days, which I knew was because the cast had got loose and my foot had banged around in my sleep. They INSISTED in taking it off and ultrasounding me. Went to the hospital for 10mins, got home 7 hours later…

  3. Before I left the hospital they gave me my drugs to take home which included painkillers & a blood thinning injections to stop clots. Gave myself two or three then stopped. Now that I have read your blog I will start taking them again.

    Hope your recovery does not have any more set backs.

  4. Wow! Horrible story. Good vibes coming your way, bigtime!

    Are blood clots something we non-surgical types need to be concerned about?

  5. My surgeon told me to take blood thinner for 2 weeks after surgery as preventive measure - hearing your story I am thankful to him.

  6. Icky- apparently so, its the immobilisation. I was prescribed aspirin once a day while in plaster.

  7. Yeah… I was prescribed aspirin, too… Thanks.

  8. hey. i actually ended up with a clot behind my knee 2 days post injury as i let my leg rest in the same position for 30 hours. part of the clot went into my lung as well. i had to have an ivc filter installed in my vein prior to surgery and now will also be on warfarin for 6 months. i also had to give myself shots prior and after surgery. i was lucky that my doc caught the fact i had so much pain in the calf that he asked for an ultrasound and caught the clot prior to surgery. i’m now 2 weeks post op and should be getting stitches out soon. so, i know what you’re going through and it sucks. hang in there.

  9. hi there, also had blood clots after 1st cast change back in July, they found 3 - 8cm clots in my left calf, prescibed Warfarin for next 4 months & now all cleared. Good luck with your recovery & be disciplined with your meds, things will get better for you :)


  10. Plenty of clots about the place which def make me feel better. Not allowed to go on the beer while on Warfarin which is a pain. But I think I’ll survive since it is potentially keeping me alive.
    Sounds like there is plenty of alert doctors out there I’d definetly take asprin once a day for a couple of weeks. Great simple idea. If only I’d been told.

  11. Hi Peadarh, how is the recovery coming along. I’ve been watcing your blog as we’re just a few days apart and on the same dinosaur recovery protocol. Are you out of your cast too?

    How is the shuffling going?

  12. Hi Aileen,

    Must write an update this week,
    Going really well,
    Got the cast off after 8 weeks and walked out of the hospital, Didn’t expect that.
    So now I’m moving at about 40% pace.
    Plenty of stretching and slow walking,
    How you going?

  13. Hi Peadar, going great, just updated my blog today. Been for physio, working on the walking, stretches, exercises and generally keeping out of mischief.

    Isn’t it great to be back on two feet after all those weeks in cast? I was 8 weeks too.

    Hope you have a great Christmas.

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