1st Cast Change & Blood Clot!

I developed a pain quiet a severe one at top of my left calf a few days b4 my 1st cast change.

I went in on 28th Oct. Had the half cast removed and got the stitches out. Saw the scar and was impressed that it was small and had healed v well.

I explained to my Doc that I have severe pain in my upper calf. He examined it briefly and told me it’s OK. The nurse putting my cast on says it could be a clot and goes back to the Doc. But she is also told it is not.

So I hop out with my new cast and head home.

Nov 4th 5.30 a.m. I wake up with pain in my right side. Think I must have slept in bad position. I turn onto my left side. Pain intensity keeps increasing, eventually to a level that effectively paralyses me.

After an ambulance journey to hospital and numerous blood tests, scans, injections I’m told on Fri evening a clot is stuck in my lung. It will take a few months for the lung to heal. I’ll be on warfarin (blood thinner) for next 6 months. If I could get my hands on that Doctor I’d punch his lights out.

Another week in hospital. Unable to sleep, using a zimmer frame to walk, scared to close my eyes. Mentally tortured. What if it moves, what if there is another one, what if i don’t wake up. Tortured.

After another week at home I get back to work on Nov 22nd. Lung better and able to sleep.

For anyone reading this, Please insist on a factual diagnoses if you have any similar concerns. Get it checked. I would not wish what I went through on my worst enemy. Insist on getting it checked. I should have!!

Operation & First 2 Weeks

On Thurs 14th Oct I had my surgery. Woke up to a half cast and bandage from my toes to my knees.

The surgeon called over later in the day and told me the operation had gone extremely well. He got the ankle angle flexed better than average and a full recovery is expected. So I’m very happy with that.

He reminds me there will be 8 weeks in a cast. The cast will be changed every 2 weeks with the angle of the flex on the achilles elongated each time. 

8 weeks in a cast is a long time. I’ve never experienced something as serious as this before but mentally I accept it and move on. My main concerns are my job and golf. 

It does help to be mobile in my job. But if I improve my delegation abilities I’ll get the results needed. So at least I can get back to work in next few days.

I finished playing competitive football 2 years ago so that is a big consolation. I will not be playing indoor soccer ever again. Golf is my passion. Luckily winter is setting in and golf season won’t kick in till next March. Mentally this helps. Something to aim for. 

And I’m looking for all things that can help me mentally because every days that goes by I realise how bad this injury is. The mental state will be so important.

Indoor Soccer ‘POP’

Oct 11th 2010 8pm Limerick last play of our hour long indoor soccer session. Ball is 5 yards away so I need to change direction and push off the left leg.


All I can do is hold myself up on my hands and knees. I know imediately I have done serious damage. I’ve no pain but I know I’m in trouble.

The other lads look over thinking get up there was no one near you.

I’m able to shuffle to the changing rooms. My friend Damo stays on. Just to check on me. I feel my achilles and all I can feel is a soft gap. The achillies is gone!!

After 24hrs waiting in A&E in Limerick I eventually get a bed in a ward in Limerick Regional. I’m told I will be having an operation to stitch the achillies together followed by 8 weeks in a cast. OMG

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