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So I was charged $300 for my standard issue air walking boot. The air bladders put pressure right on my wound and did not restrict my heel from rubbing against the boot. The air bladders also lost their pressure after 30 min.

So I spent another $300 and ordered the Vacocast and got it yesterday. Holy shit, what a difference. This thing is comfortable. I went swimming and did pool therapy (even though I am still NWB at 9 wks) and it was easy to dry.

I am going to my ortho tomorrow and will tell him this boot is amazingly comfortable and versitle. It’s got a little adjustment for just about everything.

As a patient and physician I can say this is a superior boot. Does it help you heal faster as they claim. Probably not, but it’s comfort and ease of use make your mobility an easier experience.

Got go swimming.

Saw my ortho yesterday at 6 wks. Out of 90 degree cast and into boot. Expected him to say “progress to full weight bearing” as he had earlier alluded to, but he changed his mind.

He said that since my rupture was “high” ( 7 cm proximal to calcaneus)and ¬†it involved the soleus fascial complex and that I had also ruptured my plantaris tendon and tore my soleus, he needed to be extra careful. His verdict: NWB boot for 4 more weeks, but NWB physical therapy now.

At least I got to clean that stinky and skinny leg up last night.



Thanx for this site. I am 43 y/o/ male neuroanesthesiologist and I ruptured my right AT on Saturday March 26 while playing soccer (with 21 neurosurgeons). Although I had gastroc and soleus injuries 6-8 weeks prior after a tennis match, I never had tendon soreness and my muscle soreness on the right had long resolved.

The actual rupture was unusal as it happened not during a period of acceleration, pushing-off,  jumping or twisting, but as I was walking into a good throw-in position when I heard the "pop" and dropped like a rock. It did not hurt much, maybe a 2 or 3 out of 10, but my foot was floppy and even the neurosurgeons present could diagnose my injury.

I called ahead to the ER, where they simply confirmed what I already knew. They had an OR ready for me immediately, but I had eaten and the ortho wanted an MRI. After that waiting I was in the OR by 7PM, less than 9 hours after my injury.

I did not know the on-call ortho doc, who is a trauma orthopedic surgeon. He said he would not be offended if I waited to have a sports guy do my surgery later in the week. But I have seen the mangled bodies that come through the trauma service, and I figured a single, isolated ruptured tendon repair in a healthy male was easy for him.

I was out 1.5 hours later with not much pain and home the next day. I only take vicodin at night. I am being pretty extreme about my leg elevation, spending hours watching movies with my hip flexed at 90 degress. My follow-up appointment is ten days post-op. He said we will decide at that appointment whether he will be more liberal or conservative with mobilization versus casting.

Will update after my 10 day day appt.

I have some good operative pictures, but I am having trouble posting them. Never been part of a blog before and all this stuff about HTML, Visual, Media, Plugins is way over the top of my head.

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