Day 8: Brace

I had a good news.  My doctor told me that I could follow an “early weight bearing” protocol that will allow me starting exercizing my foot and ankle with the help of a special orthosis.  I was really looking forward to get that news since it will release me from my cast and allow me to sleep better, and take bath. 

Couple hours after getting the “ok” from my doctor, I had my cast removed and bought the orthesis.  I thought the orthesis will be more like a walking boot but it was just a simple orthosis placed on top of my foot that keeps my foot from going over 90 degree.  It is made of hard plastic, and it is stapped around my lower leg, my heel and my foot.  I am not familiar with the medical vocabulary (specially english medical vocabulatory, since my primary language is french) but i think the proper term for this orthesis is “brace”.

So now, I have a bunch of exercise in order to find back mobility in my ankle and foot.  My next appointment with the physiotherapist is in 2 weeks.


  1. take it slow. all good things come in due time. and don’t push it. re-rupture would be terrible.

    it’s a long, slow road to recovery. i had some really really good days and some really really bad days. physically and emotionally. even when i was full weight-bearing, i remember looking down at my legs and seeing the calf muscle, all weak and just hanging there, with no definition, about half the size of my other leg, and i just started to cry. seemed like it would never improve. now here i am, with a slight (yes, still only slight) definition in my calf, but i am walking, jogging, and doing one-legged calf raises with no problem.

    take your time. it will all fall into place………

    Comment by livelovelaugh — August 27, 2008 @ 7:19 pm

  2. Most braces I’ve seen are not for weight bearing, is yours? If not, then be very careful. The risk of an accidental rerupture is very high during the first few weeks of recovery, most people trip or bang into things when moving around on crutches.

    Comment by hobblit — August 27, 2008 @ 8:39 pm

  3. Allo frérot,
    premier message français. Je n’ose pas écrire en anglais. Puise que je ne connais pas du tout cette blessure, c’est un mot d’encouragement.

    Je partage tellement ta frustration du «Out of the season». J’en serais aussi très déçu. Je souhaite que tu sois bien conseillé (pas comme pour mon doigt cassé), que la guérison soit rapide et sans séquelle. C’est connu, quand on est jeune et en forme, on s’en remet plus vite. Et c’est ton cas. On se croise les doigts pour que tu rejoues au hockey avant la fin de la saison!!

    Il n’y a pas beaucoup de sportifs qui s’en sorte sans aucune blessure au court de leur vie. C’est peut-être un risque à prendre pour faire du sport, s’amuser, se tenir en santé. Et bien, moi je suis prête à le prendre! C’est quand même mieux que de rester «évaché» dans un divan ou, en plus poli, mieux que l’inactivité.

    Take care. Et appelle moi si tu as besoin. Tondre le gazon par exemple!!! Ou peu importe. Mom s’occupe déjà beaucoup des enfants.
    Genevieve XxXx

    Comment by Gue Berube — August 28, 2008 @ 7:44 am

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