Injury Day

“Out for the season”, this is the first thing that came up in my head right after the injury.  I knew right away that the injury was a bad one, and that it will keep me from my favorite sports for a while. I never thought it will be for that long… 

I ruptured my Achille Tendon during a softball game.  The injury happened while running from 2nd to 3rd base following a sacrifice hit in the right field.  After 3 steps in the run, I felt like I has been hit by the ball behind my lower left leg.  I went directly to the hospital a few minute after the injury because I had a bad feeling that it was a severe injury. 

I was really angry when I heard the doctor say it was a AT rupture.  I am not really an emotive person but inside me I was out of myself.   I am an active person running around 3 times a week (around 22 Km or 13.7 miles per week ), playing softball during the summer and ice hockey during the winter.   I play hockey since I am 4 years old.  So learning that the recovery is 6 to 8 months was terrible.  It meant no hockey for the upcoming season.

I was also really sad for my kids and girlfriends.  I have 2 young kids, 1 and 3 year old and  they are really active.  They like running and bicycling, and we were used to do it every day before the injury.  Now, I can not even take the youngest one in my arm.  I feel also that I am leaving my girlfriend on her own since my helping is really restricted.


  1. Well you are swelling the numbers on this blog, welcome although you won’t want to hear that!

    When Dennis set up this blog I bet he had no idea how many people from all over the world would be joining our ‘club’.

    Sorry to hear about your injury it is such a shock to the system in the first instance but you will very quickly learn to adapt to your situation and devise various methods of doing things for yourself.

    Keep blogging and checking out this site, whatever your problem someone will read and reply with a solution or advice.

    Good luck for a speedy recovery.

    Annie from Manchester

    Comment by annieh — August 21, 2008 @ 7:35 am

  2. I feel your pain. I did mine in 1 month ago today. I am very active as well and have 2 small children and am stuck using these dam crutches everyday. My wife has been amazing and boy I’m not the easiest patient. This web page has been a godsend to help pass the time. This injury is all about time and not much else.
    Good Luck and welcome aboard.
    Jamie in Ottawa

    Comment by jamie — August 21, 2008 @ 7:37 am

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