Full Weight Bearing at under 7 weeks

I took it upon my self to ditch the crutches, 1. I had enough of them 2. I feel as though my ATR has healed enough to try. I only walk around the house and most of the time in my boot. Still use the crutches if i need to go further or out of the house. My range of motion is as good as my left leg and no pain. The only issue I have is pins and needles in my heel from the pressure. I am putting that down to the fact that it as go soft and forgot what load bearing feels like? Any comments on that would be appreciated. I go back to se the Dr. next Tuesday, I hope then he will tell me to ditch the crutches and Approve FWB and may be PT ?????

The Graston Technique

Hi does anyone have any comments on The Graston Technique? Has it helped in your PT.
Please let me know good bad etc. and how early in your recovery did this treatment start.

5 weeks tomorrow, post surgery

I spoke to my Dr. Today as I was feeling low and felt that I was just sitting around doing nothing. So I asked if there was anything else I can do. He suggested sat massage! Does anyone have any helpful tips on this?

I have been working on my ROM and it is less than 0 degrees which I am happy with in this time frame.

I have been having my neurological muscle therapy about 4-5 times a week. I feel this has helped strengthen my muscles and slow down any loss due to no load bearing yet!

I sleep with my boot off and swim when I can. Also working my upper body at the gym. Fingers crossed when I go back to the Dr. In just under 3 weeks I will loose the crutches.

Any tips on he scar massage would be appreciated.

Day 25 Post surgery

Hi All,

25 Days in and I placed my foot on the ground for the first time.


As you can see from the picture a fair bit of swelling but the scar is looking great.

I have been told by the Dr. that I can load my foot on the ground but no walking on it as of yet and still with crutches.

Reading peoples comment and looking at others blogs, there is a minefield of information out there and if I am honest i don’t know which way to turn as far as pushing my recovery?????

I have always been one to push it and do my own thing… but I have never had surgery of any kind and or an injury like this so it is a bit of a smack in the face for me.

I will be at 4 weeks post surgery tomorrow 27th July. As all of you know that has had this it is so fustrating NOT being able to do the things we want to do especially if many of you are like me that just can’t sit still.

I even got my mate to take me to Muay Thai last night just so I could get out of the house and watch even though I couldn’t do anything. I really feel for my wife putting up with me at the moment as I am like a bear with a sore head. I am so going to send her away for the weekend once I can at least drive and be off crutches, she deserves it!!!!

At what point is anyone driving, (this is my right leg) comments appreciated!!!

Pictures of ruptured tendon and repair

Hi All,

These pictures are a bit nasty but I am one of those who needs to see what has been done to me, so I asked the surgeon if he could take some shots of my rupture and repaired tendon.
I hope this does not offend anyone but its fascinating to me!



25 days Post surgery :)

Hi All,

24/7/2012 was 25 days post surgery and my Dr. visit could not have gone any better. The angle of my boot has been moved from 30 degrees from the start to Neutral postion. I did have a solid cast for the first 10 days until the stitches came out. My scar is fantastic and healing very well. I can now place my foot on the ground and add some weight to it but no walking on it. Again I put all this progress down to the nerological muscle therapy which has helped the blood flow to the tendon as most of you know is very bad at carrying blood which aids in the healing. All being well I have another 3 weeks or so on the crutches and then I hop to be off them. We will see as long as I have no set backs all is going very well.
One big thing and again most of you further down the road to recovery already know this, the swelling still comes back if you don’t rest and elevate as much as you can.
I will post pictures if I can get them to load onto my blog????

Achilles Tendon Rupture/ Surgery and Recovery

Hi All,

I wanted to share my pain and recovery on my recent injury. Rupturing my Achilles Tendon.

Just to fill you in a bit about myself. I reached to grand old age of 40 in May this year and have never up until now had any injury that has stopped me training for more than a couple of days.

I like to think of myself as being in good shape for my age. I have been practicing Martial Arts for about 5 years, Tae Kwan Do, Muay Thai and Wing Chun. The last two only for about 18months. I run regularly (well i did) still can average 6.27 min/miles over 8 miles. Cycle and Mountain Bike. So you can get the picture I am pretty full on. On top of that I am a partner in our business which keeps me busy.

The injury occurred on the 14th June while at Muay Thai, Sparring all I did was step back to avoid a kick, nothing fancy as far as I could see it was all in slow time and the dreaded POP sound and down I went!!!! My instructor took me to the ER and what a waste of time that was as they X-rayed my ankle and said all I did was sprain it. They did not even perform the basic “Thompson Test” (not that I knew at the time) to see if my Achilles had been torn. I left there and was going on Vacation the next day to the beach. As you can imagine I couldn’t do a great deal and the rest did me good. I thought as at the time I didn’t know exactly what I had done it was recovering some what, until 27th June I stepped out of the back door to let my dogs out and slipped! Then I was in a world of pain.

Went to the Dr that morning and in no time at all they said YES that’s gone! Surgery was booked for Friday 29th June:

Blue Ridge Orthopedics in Seneca SC under Dr. Brown. This is the first surgery of any kind that I have had and I have to say I was scared to death!

The surgery went well, pictures to follow as soon as I can work out how to add them.