Been a while on here

I have not posted on here for a while.
Just to give people hope! I have been back to full training for some time now. Running 5k races and my time is slowly improving, down to 21mins now, Pre rupture I was 19mins so not far off. I just don’t have the same drive up hills as I used to have. Back full force at my Muay Thai, but again I have lost a bit of spring in my repaired Achilles.
All in all I feel good.
Just watch your non injured Achilles as I have had a few niggles that just remind me to take care and warm up/ stretch correctly and if you do get and signs TAKE note and do something about it before the other one goes!!!!:) I hope not!
I wish everyone a speeded recovery you will get there!

2 Responses to “Been a while on here”

  1. I wish there was some good ATR preventive therapy to use if you do get niggles, or any signs, etc. I’m not convinced there are. If it’s going to happen, I’d rather get it behind me than delay it. . .

  2. I DO think there is a preventative “therapy” to use… but if you’ve got niggles, it may be too late: strength training. Strength of connective tissue can be improved- it’s just slow to respond. I am absolutely committed to a strength training program - for the long haul - to help continue the recovery of my ATR… but even more importantly, to ensure that the “good” Achilles remains strong, and better prepared to handle the loads I might put on it.

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