13 weeks going strong

Recovering well. Been taking Muay Thai again, but heavily taping and strapping my ankle and lower calf. Holding up well. Also cycled 21 miles on Sunday. Tendon held up well, I only soreness is from what you would expect from training week muscles!!!! I feel very happy with my progress! I am going to wait until the 16 week point before trying to run again! Anyone got any tips on when they started running again would be appreciated!?!

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  1. Hi Pauls,
    sounds like you’re doing incredibly well! My rehab doesn’t reccomend running for up to five months due to possible re rupture. I re ruptured at 13 weeks non op and am now 3 weeks post of with a tendon graft. I am in a boot and following UWO protocol roughly…
    FWIW my surgeon says he sees more re ruptures after surgery as people think the repair is stronger. I wouldn’t wish a re rupture on anyone, your tendon sounds bionic…Don’t forget you’re only 13 weeks hey?

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a rerupture after 20 weeks, maybe even 15 or 16. Of course, at 67, the memory isn’t what it used to be… :-)

  3. I ruptured in October 2011 and started running again in mid-February 2012 - this was once I knew I could walk/hike all day without any ill effects.

    From memory I think I was already up to about 12 miles sometime in March so it didn’t take long to get going again once I started. No point in rushing it though.

  4. Pauls– I did my first run 17 weeks. (again, my surgery wasn’t ATR so may be different) I started with a walk/run ratio of 1 min walk/ 2 mins run for about 30 minutes on a flat and gentle surface for the first week (I think I did 2 runs the first week) Then I started on roads w/o hills 2-3 times a week for a couple weeks. Being a trail runner, I kept hiking in the woods and started running every smooth and flat section of trail I could find between the hiking (this is New England…most of our trails are covered in rocks and roots, so those smooth surfaces were few and far between)
    I’m in my 6th month now and I run 5x’s a week– I ran my longest run of 15 miles this weekend on trails. I still have to be careful on the really tricky sections of trail because my AT foot is still weaker. I know we are all different, but running post AT is possible…listen to what your AT is telling you and back off when it starts to bother you. (mine still hurts more AFTER a run than during it, so I use ice post run and wear my compression sock for a few hours)

  5. I think the first time I started running again was around July 4th which was 12 weeks after surgery.

    When I started I would “run” 20 paces and walk 40, run 20 & walk 40. I alternated one day of run/walking and the next day was only walking. Every few days I added 20 paces to the run and 20 to the walk until I hit 100 paces running. After I hit 100 paces I switched to time (2 minute run - 1 minute walk) and gradually built up my endurance and strength. The best approach is a gradual increase in distance & time. Don’t worry about your speed or keeping a steady pace.

    My weekly routine is Sunday - off, Mon - morning run, evening kickboxing, Tues - morning run & evening karate, Weds - morning run, evening kickboxing, Thurs - morning run & evening karate, Fri - off, Sat - morning run & morning kickboxing.

    I’m also taking several supplements on top of a fairly healthy diet.
    Morning: Multi-vitamin, fish oil, “Lig-a-tend”, Magnesium, zinc, Vitamin C, vitamin D, 25 grams whey protein.
    Evening: Fish oil, “Lig-a-tend”, Astragalus (for immune system), magnesium, zinc, 25 grams whey protein.

    “Lig-a-tend” is a brand name for a multi-vitamin designed for ligaments & tendons.

    I don’t know if any of this helped or not but I really don’t know that many people who have done the Tough Mudder five months after Achilles tendon repair. It’s probably a combination of eating right, backing off the beer (sort of), “smart” exercise, lots of water and 10-20 minutes of ice & elevation after every workout or run.

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