12 mile bike ride

managed a 12 mile bike ride, without any pain at all. Very happy with that at my point in recovery. off to see the Dr. tomorrow for my 11-12 week check. I hope to start some PT at this point to work on my strength training.

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  1. Congrats Pauls :)

    As I am contemplating increasing my cycling activities, I wanted to ask a few questions which I hope you don’t mid:

    What type of bike was it, was much resistance involved?

    How did the ankle/calf perform over the duration?

  2. Hi Andrew, This week was on a paved trail on my MTB with my son, we averaged 12mph so not fast but a some points go up to 22mph. the trail is pretty flat not much in the way of hills. So a great way to build up strength without too much pressure on my Achilles. The week before I rode my Road Bike only managed 4 miles as this was very hilly and hurt on the hills, so I will stick to the flat for a while to build up the muscles and work up to the hills down the road.

    I had NO pain at all even after I had finished the ride. HAPPY DAYS!

  3. Andrew- cycling was a very important part of my rehab. I got on a spin bike starting around 4 weeks, was first riding outside at around 7 weeks, and was trail riding at 9 weeks:


    I started on the pavement, using my mountain bike. Living here in Utah, it’s very hilly - the wide ratio of gears on the mountain bike allowed me to keep the pedal forces down, using higher RPM.

    From the very beginning - even at 4 weeks on the spin bike - I have always used my regular clip-in shoes.

    It was quite a while longer (months) before I was able to pedal with full force, standing up. Now (@1 year) I don’t feel limited on the bike at all- though my heel will occasionally get a little sore after really long/hard mountain bike rides.

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