1 mile walk

Walked my second Mile today over 1 min quicker than last week! As i push my pace a little I limp more but not too bad! Very happy with my progress. Took me just over 18 mins to complete. Swelling not too bad either. Only pain again was at the front/ top of my foot. No tendon pain. Happy Days

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  1. Nice!! Congratulations… normalness now in sight!

  2. Pauls:
    Great to hear about the minimum swelling and lack of tendon pain. I would suggest that you concentrate more on walking without a limp than on walking speed for now. The speed will come. A limp is a nasty habit to break. My therapist always made me slow down if he detected a limp.

  3. Nice result there Paul, congratulations.

    When I get that pain in the top of my foot I slow down and shorten my stride as it’s a pre-cursor to the limp coming back - as Starshep said, better to walk correctly and steady than incorrectly and fast (I always feel I am tempting fate by doing so), no swelling though (I assume that is a good thing).

    Nice early progress though, enjoy and happy healing :)

  4. Paul- if that pain is at the crease of your ankle (on top), then it sounds similar to something I had. It turned out to be the result of pretty bad ankle pronation - arch of my foot was collapsing, allowing my ankle to collapse to the inside. I don’t know if my foot was just weak form inactivity, or if one of the functions of the Achilles is to support the ankle in this manner (I suspect the latter). In any event, while I built the strength back up, a good set of orthotics, with a lot of Arch support really helped get rid of that pain.

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