11 and a Bit week Dr. Visit. Cleared to GO!!!!!!!

Wow very happy just had my Dr. visit today and he has cleared me and doesn’t need to see me again. He was very happy with my healing and stated that I was way ahead of the curve with my healing!!!!!
I rode 12 miles on my bike Sunday just gone and with no pain or [...]

12 mile bike ride

managed a 12 mile bike ride, without any pain at all. Very happy with that at my point in recovery. off to see the Dr. tomorrow for my 11-12 week check. I hope to start some PT at this point to work on my strength training.

1 mile walk

Walked my second Mile today over 1 min quicker than last week! As i push my pace a little I limp more but not too bad! Very happy with my progress. Took me just over 18 mins to complete. Swelling not too bad either. Only pain again was at the front/ top of my foot. [...]