walked 1 mile and rode my bike!

I have been pushing as much as I dare so far. My plan the other night was to cycle for 30 mins on my bike trainer. went well but only managed 20 mins and my calf started to throb so I stopped. Progress i think. Then last night I walked for 1 mile. It took me a blistering 20 mins.( not my usual 6.27 min/miles) The only pain I have is both sides of the top of my foot? I am putting that down to the fact I need to get used to walking again? Any comments on that would be appreciated. I think I am getting there, I don’t get too much swelling only if I have been stood on it all day. Getting there but not as fast as I would like!

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  1. At ten weeks I think you’re doing very well??

  2. thank you Sheena I will be 9 weeks on Friday, not that I am counting :)

  3. Excellent work there Paul, 9wks and walking a mile and cycling, I walked a mile today in two half mile stints and the pain I had detailed was apparent again with a quarter mile to go, I am given to understand it’s a mobilisation thing.

    my physio said it’s not good to try and push past it, but walking up to that point where the front of the foot/ankle junction starts to ache would help loosen it up as ling as I am able to walk further each time then it’s the right thing to keep doing.

    Congrats on the progress thus far :)

  4. Outstanding! 8 weeks is when I started “walking” again. Take it one step at time and you’ll make steady progress.

  5. Congrats, Paul! Doesn’t it feel great to be able to get out and about after all that sitting?! My calf hurt during early cycling sessions occasionally, but now I can go to fatigue with hills, etc., at 17 weeks. Keep it up!

  6. Wow! That’s great news and I have to say I’m envious of your ’speedy’ recovery :)
    I have sharp pains down one side of my injured foot and was told it was because the other muscles and ligaments are overcompensating for the weakened Achilles but that it will get better as I build up strength. Apparently cycling is really good for that so keep going!

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