Dr.’s visit today Fantastic!!!!

Well I had my 7 and a bit week check today. The Dr. Officially cleared me (even though a have been for a about a week) ditch the crutches and two shoes. Happy days. Also as my range of motion was nearly as good as my good leg I can walk, light cycling. He wants me to keep working it slowly but no actual strength training as of yet. He wants me to wait until week 12 before I start to hit it hard! We decided to hold off any PT ( as in going to one) as my range of motion was so good (as it is insurance driven) and bank that until I start with the strength training! So my plan is to walk every day, today was about 0.5 of a mile. Then walking up and down the side line for my sons football ( soccer to Americans). I plan to go back to my Wing Chun and Muay Thai on Friday to do pad work, but no kicking!!! Happy days things are looking up!!!

2 Responses to “Dr.’s visit today Fantastic!!!!”

  1. Good for you! Must feel great to be getting so much closer to “normal” again.

  2. Sounds great! I thought you were on a slowish track, but I obviously had you confused with somebody else. Don’t forget to Watch Your Step!

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