Walking and riding!

Second walk this morning managed 0.4 of a mile, no pain just tight and a limp. I intend to do this every day if possible. I also just bought a bike trainer today. Rode 20mins at a slow but steady pace on my road bike. Felt ok but didn’t want to push it too much. Now I am starting todo things I feel as though I am making progress. I also drive for the first time today since my ATR! Things are looking up!!!!!’

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  1. Awesome! Sounds like it was a good day for you!

    Keep up the good work, and you’ll notice big changes and improvements soon!

  2. Good news Pauls - I had my physio assessment today and at 12 weeks, was sent away with the basic exercises and told not to cycle (even on a stationary) for another two weeks - I get the feeling my hospital have experienced some re-ruptures in the 8-14wk range when (in their optinion) the rehab became more aggressive.

    So when they tell you these things you can’t help but feel more cautious towards pushing the boundaries in these ‘dangerzone’ weeks - I hope all continues to go well for you and I will be watching your progress with great interest :)

  3. Wow they do seem conservative? I hope you take it to the level you are comfortable with? I push it, but only until it gets sore or throbs then back off.
    I feel that you have to go it somewhat on your own. I am going to use the PT when I start to just help guide the strength training. The rest I will do myself!
    I hope you get well soon!

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