FIRST WALK…..(at snails pace) HAPPY DAYS

Well what can I say. I have just done my first walk in 2 shoes since before ATR. Yes I am pushing it but isn’t what its all about. Now I will say my so called walk was only 0.3 of a mile and I timed it….. about 30min/per/mile pace so hardly at any pace at all but I feel great.
The only pain was the pins and needles in my heel at the base? I guess that is down to not been used for the last 7 weeks!?!?!?!
I feel as I am making progress!

2 Responses to “FIRST WALK…..(at snails pace) HAPPY DAYS”

  1. Get a heal pad shoe insert from your local sporting goods store. It will help some and not a bad use of about 10 bucks.

    I’ve been walking for almost a week now and jacuzzi helps and today I iced down leg to reduce swelling. That helped too.

    Welcome back to two shoes!

  2. Yipee ! that’s great progress!


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