Full Weight Bearing at under 7 weeks

I took it upon my self to ditch the crutches, 1. I had enough of them 2. I feel as though my ATR has healed enough to try. I only walk around the house and most of the time in my boot. Still use the crutches if i need to go further or out of the house. My range of motion is as good as my left leg and no pain. The only issue I have is pins and needles in my heel from the pressure. I am putting that down to the fact that it as go soft and forgot what load bearing feels like? Any comments on that would be appreciated. I go back to se the Dr. next Tuesday, I hope then he will tell me to ditch the crutches and Approve FWB and may be PT ?????

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  1. About the same deal. Out of cast and off with the boot in seven weeks. Today I went to local sporting goods store and bought a gel ankle insert to ease the feel of a bruised heel with thorns. A good investment for $10 bucks.

    Try it and you’ll enjoy each step even more!

  2. I agree with RipTorn. I bought a gel insert for my heel & it did feel lots better. I also found when I’m walking, that I was not using the ball of that foot to help absorb the shock & consequently the heel was taking the brunt of the weight. Had to be more conscientious about rocking forward when I walk & using the ball of my foot more in the boot. Otherwise, it feels like the heel is bruised & trying to walk bare foot on a hard surface was painful. Another helpful exercise when I took the boot off at home was to toss a small towel on a slick floor & place my foot on it. Then I practiced toe scrunchies where you grab the towel with your toe and pull it backwards to build up the toe & promote plantar flexion. You can also practice picking up marbles, socks, or tissue with your toes if you’re around carpeted surfaces. Good luck.

  3. Great news Pauls,

    I did exactly the same, got rid of the crutches in the house wk6 and on or around wk7 for everywhere else….but I never really walked more than about 50mtrs, the RoM setting in the boot made walking distances uncomfortable until I reached the neutral setting.

    In terms of the heel pain, I used a thin towel folded in half then in half again, this also created a washable inner for the liner that kept the boot liner clean and fresh :)

  4. Have you tried one of those gel shoe inserts? I bought a heel gel thing .it was a thinish blue shoe insert , made my boot way more comfy under the heel area.

  5. Crocs are also very comfy when you get into 2 shoes. And ya, squishy gel inserts inside the boot. Rolling your bare foot gently over a ball (tennis, super, whatever) also seems to help de-sensitize it.

    Don’t forget to build up your other foot enough so your hips are even when you walk.

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