25 days Post surgery :)

Hi All,

24/7/2012 was 25 days post surgery and my Dr. visit could not have gone any better. The angle of my boot has been moved from 30 degrees from the start to Neutral postion. I did have a solid cast for the first 10 days until the stitches came out. My scar is fantastic and healing very well. I can now place my foot on the ground and add some weight to it but no walking on it. Again I put all this progress down to the nerological muscle therapy which has helped the blood flow to the tendon as most of you know is very bad at carrying blood which aids in the healing. All being well I have another 3 weeks or so on the crutches and then I hop to be off them. We will see as long as I have no set backs all is going very well.
One big thing and again most of you further down the road to recovery already know this, the swelling still comes back if you don’t rest and elevate as much as you can.
I will post pictures if I can get them to load onto my blog????

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  1. Sounds like good progress, well done.

    I was non-op and off my crutches in 42days/6weeks (around the house) 56days/8wks in and I can walk around the house barefoot not tried stairs yet though :(

    Within the safe RoM supplied by the hinged boot I am FWB and can walk about 100mtrs max….the leg (not the tendon) tires then.

    I think your healing about the same as me so far :)

    What is neurological muscle therapy?

  2. Good luck with your progress, with you not having surgery was your tendon not ruptured all the way through?

    From what I have seen so far I am making great progress since surgery, long may it continue.

    The Neurological Muscle therapy in its crude form it electric current (NOT a Tens unit) which helps stimulate blood flow and muscle growth. I came accross it when I damaged my shoulder around Christmas last year. in about 10 treatments they had fixed my problem and built up over 1/2 inch of muscle. Now my shoulder is stronger than ever.
    At the moment all I have been doing is setting the machine up to increase blood flow and then on a slightly heavery setting just flexining my toes and ankle towards my knee to gently stretch out the tendon. No pain in this just no movement due to the scar and the tendon. I put this all down to going from 30 degrees to Neutral in 3 weeks. Not sure where you are but I live in the USA. (English though)
    All the best on your recovery.

  3. That is quick, I’m 64 days post injury and 58 days post op and you will be off crutches quicker than me! Well done!

  4. Thanks, I am being very careful as well, scared to death of having a set back or re-rupture. I have always been one to push maybe a bit harder than I should but this has scared me into being VERY careful about my recovery!!! Hope you get back to full recovery soon!

  5. I’ve pushed very hard, I was at 0 degrees in the boot earlier than you, my surgeon told me I had reached that point very quickly, so held me back for a while. Also I want to return to sports so they are making me do things the hard way (ie no wedges or shoes to help earlier mobilisation). I hope you keep progressing at a good rate, it seems plenty do, so no reason why not.

  6. You and I seem similar, it is killing me not been able to train the way I did. I have been going to the gym and swimming just to keep some basic level of fitness until I can hit it hard again!

  7. I have no way of getting around really. In the last 9 weeks the only time I have left the house has been to go to the hospital. I have ordered a cheap exercise bike from amazon though, only £75, so that will help.

    I have a conservative but aggressive rehab based on the fact that I said to the surgeon that I wanted to be able to play football, run marathons and snowboard again. He said he can’t guarantee anything, but they are trying to give me a chance. I’m massivley frustrated with the whole situation the ATR has dumped me in. But you just have to accept there is no quick fix.

  8. I am lucky to a point I work for myself. My dear wife, who needs a medal for putting up with me! She has been driving me around so I can get around to the gym etc and help in the business!

    How much load bearing are you doing at his point? Do you have any pain or is it just stiff, tight? I would guess you still get a bit of swelling?

  9. My work have been amazingly supportive, I’ve been working from home for nearly 10 weeks now and have another few off too.

    As of Monday, which was exactly 8 weeks post op, I have been allowed to fully weight bear. But let me tell you, the difference between fully weight bearing and walking normally are huge. I get swelling all the time, it doesn’t concern me, they want me barefoot at all times so I don’t need to fit into trainers.

    My parents have been great but I’m lacking a bit in the support network as just before this happened the fiance ended things and I’ve found myself living back with the parents. It puts a new perspective on things though. Whereas before I pinned for the ex (who knows why), now all I pine for is being able to walk, and it will seem amazing, and I’m making plans for my new life. Now if we could all just get our achilles right there would be a lot of happy people on this board!

  10. How did you rupture your Achilles? And if you don’t mind how old are you?

  11. @ Pauls - my tear was complete “except for a for a few random strands’ according to my OS.

    I managed to do the stairs today without the boot, I can do it but (airing on the side of caution) I prefer the boot right now I feel I need some more dorsi flex first….

    I even walked from the car to the house in trainers (30mtrs woop!!) after dropping the missus off at work today (first time I’ve been able to do that since the event and only the 3rd time I’ve been back behind the wheel).

  12. Playing football with work. I’m 32 (was 31 at the time).

  13. Well at least we can all keep each other company and support each other back to fitness!!!! Can’t wait to get back doing all the stupid things I should be doing…. All in the line of keeping fit! Lol

  14. What is the difference between neuro muscular therapy and tens unit? I have a tens- can it work the same?

  15. Hi Frustrated Coach,

    The neurological machines works off DC current which is the same electrical pulses that your body uses, so in effect it doesn’t know any different where as a Tens unit is like sticking your fingers in a power outlet. Your not ment to do it and your brain can’t process that type of current.
    Alot of top athletes use this treatment for recovery and in their training program to inhance training. I damaged
    My shoulder last Christmas and using this treatment we managed to get it healed and built up 1/2inch of muscle on my deltoids in 10 treatments! It’s like doing a monster gym workout. Not going to say it doesn’t hurt, not in a nasty way just a funny tingly way. Hope this helps. If you need any more help on this let me know, as it a great way to help your recovery and more!

  16. Can u link me a website that has one of these neuro muscular therapy machines - I’d like to see if I can find one here in the UK.

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