Been a while on here

I have not posted on here for a while.
Just to give people hope! I have been back to full training for some time now. Running 5k races and my time is slowly improving, down to 21mins now, Pre rupture I was 19mins so not far off. I just don’t have the same drive up hills as I used to have. Back full force at my Muay Thai, but again I have lost a bit of spring in my repaired Achilles.
All in all I feel good.
Just watch your non injured Achilles as I have had a few niggles that just remind me to take care and warm up/ stretch correctly and if you do get and signs TAKE note and do something about it before the other one goes!!!!:) I hope not!
I wish everyone a speeded recovery you will get there!

19 weeks Going Strong

Hi All,

Not been on here for a bit, so I thought it was about time I updated my progress.

Last Friday I was signed off from PT. They were very happy with my Progress, my ROM is within normal ranges (still a bit tight) and feels good. I am between 2-3 inches on a single calf raise which I am delighted about.

I have been cycling about once a week up to 21 miles and it feels great to be back on the bike.

As for Running, to be sensible i have started a coutch to 5k program. I am in week 3 of that and in 31 mins i am run/walking just under 3 miles. Ok for now but not my usual running speed and I am finding it hard to hold back. To give myself a bigger push I have booked to run a 5k race at the beginning of December, I will be happy if I am around 28 mins (pre ATR is was 19mins) and again I have booked another one for January.

I have been back at Muay Thai now since the end of September, first few weeks back I was heavily strapping my Achilles so that it couldn’t move much at all. Now I use KT tape just to give that bit of extra support while training. Not sure how much it is helping but there you go.

Keep pushing everyone it is a long road back to full fitness but if you want it enough you will get there. I am one of those people who always will and maybe push too much and maybe that is the reason my ATR happened in the first place!!! But keep it going and push as far as you dare and listen to any pain. I probably should listen to my own advice more. LOL!!!

13 weeks going strong

Recovering well. Been taking Muay Thai again, but heavily taping and strapping my ankle and lower calf. Holding up well. Also cycled 21 miles on Sunday. Tendon held up well, I only soreness is from what you would expect from training week muscles!!!! I feel very happy with my progress! I am going to wait until the 16 week point before trying to run again! Anyone got any tips on when they started running again would be appreciated!?!

11 and a Bit week Dr. Visit. Cleared to GO!!!!!!!

Wow very happy just had my Dr. visit today and he has cleared me and doesn’t need to see me again. He was very happy with my healing and stated that I was way ahead of the curve with my healing!!!!!
I rode 12 miles on my bike Sunday just gone and with no pain or swelling, so I must be doing something right!
I have been refered for PT, so I can get tips and ideas on strength training. I have to say I am one of those who is extremely self motivated to recover ASAP! I want to use them as a guide not as a so called crutch!
Onwards and upwards, Dr. said use pain as my guide from now on and try to start pushing my walking to jogging, but mainly I will push the cycling as that will build up my leg muscles as the running will lean them out! All in all a very positive day!

12 mile bike ride

managed a 12 mile bike ride, without any pain at all. Very happy with that at my point in recovery. off to see the Dr. tomorrow for my 11-12 week check. I hope to start some PT at this point to work on my strength training.

1 mile walk

Walked my second Mile today over 1 min quicker than last week! As i push my pace a little I limp more but not too bad! Very happy with my progress. Took me just over 18 mins to complete. Swelling not too bad either. Only pain again was at the front/ top of my foot. No tendon pain. Happy Days

walked 1 mile and rode my bike!

I have been pushing as much as I dare so far. My plan the other night was to cycle for 30 mins on my bike trainer. went well but only managed 20 mins and my calf started to throb so I stopped. Progress i think. Then last night I walked for 1 mile. It took me a blistering 20 mins.( not my usual 6.27 min/miles) The only pain I have is both sides of the top of my foot? I am putting that down to the fact I need to get used to walking again? Any comments on that would be appreciated. I think I am getting there, I don’t get too much swelling only if I have been stood on it all day. Getting there but not as fast as I would like!

Dr.’s visit today Fantastic!!!!

Well I had my 7 and a bit week check today. The Dr. Officially cleared me (even though a have been for a about a week) ditch the crutches and two shoes. Happy days. Also as my range of motion was nearly as good as my good leg I can walk, light cycling. He wants me to keep working it slowly but no actual strength training as of yet. He wants me to wait until week 12 before I start to hit it hard! We decided to hold off any PT ( as in going to one) as my range of motion was so good (as it is insurance driven) and bank that until I start with the strength training! So my plan is to walk every day, today was about 0.5 of a mile. Then walking up and down the side line for my sons football ( soccer to Americans). I plan to go back to my Wing Chun and Muay Thai on Friday to do pad work, but no kicking!!! Happy days things are looking up!!!

Walking and riding!

Second walk this morning managed 0.4 of a mile, no pain just tight and a limp. I intend to do this every day if possible. I also just bought a bike trainer today. Rode 20mins at a slow but steady pace on my road bike. Felt ok but didn’t want to push it too much. Now I am starting todo things I feel as though I am making progress. I also drive for the first time today since my ATR! Things are looking up!!!!!’

FIRST WALK…..(at snails pace) HAPPY DAYS

Well what can I say. I have just done my first walk in 2 shoes since before ATR. Yes I am pushing it but isn’t what its all about. Now I will say my so called walk was only 0.3 of a mile and I timed it….. about 30min/per/mile pace so hardly at any pace at all but I feel great.
The only pain was the pins and needles in my heel at the base? I guess that is down to not been used for the last 7 weeks!?!?!?!
I feel as I am making progress!