first follow-up

17 days after surgery

I had the plaster removed. Did not have the kind of stitches that I saw in some pictures posted in achillesblog, and that is a little curious.

It turns out that the Clinic did not follow correct procedures when I was discharged. They simply told me that I could leave( an hour after the surgery). I was given no prescriptions nor any documentation.

Only when I asked the Doctor when I should visit next did we discover that I have missed on 17 days of Innohep injections.

As you will see in the image, I have no new plaster, my foot is left just the way it is, I am told to try and move my foot slowly put no weight bearing.

It’s much better without the plaster, but I have to be more careful.  

2 Responses to “first follow-up”

  1. Hi Paulorange, Where are you being treated? I have not seen a single other person on this site who has been left unprotected only two weeks after surgery. It seems extremely negligent of the doctor. If you lose your balance and put your foot down at this stage you could really cause some damage. At the very least you should be in a CAM walker or something else. I also have to ask, what the heck is that sticking out of your ankle???

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for your post and sorry about the very late response. Like you mentioned, it was really very negligent of the Doctor to leave me unprotected.
    There’s been lots of stuff that he’s not done right. I am going to see another Doc today, and hope to know what went wrong and what options I have.
    Thanks again for your post

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