16 weeks post surgery update

I’ve been out of the boot 4 weeks now and really loving it.  I’m almost back to walking normally without a limp.  In the morning it’s stiff, but after I get moving a bit I’m fine.   I can walk for at least a couple miles with no problem and yesterday I went out to practice some pickleball shots with a buddy for about an hour (I took it very easy, no pushing off or running, just slowly moving around the court and practicing serves, dinks, etc).  It will be awhile before I’m back to playing normally, but I can see the finish line off in the far distance now.   I’ve got a little ‘knot’ of scar tissue on my Achilles where the doc sewed it up, but the PT is helping to knock it down.  Happily, it doesn’t really bother me, no rubbing on the back of my shoe or anything.  For the first couple of weeks after the boot came off, I experienced some swelling after walking around a bit, but that seems to be mostly in the rearview mirror now.

So, overall, I’m very happy with how things have gone.  Hope y’all are having similar good experiences!

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  1. Congrats! I started playing pickleball about 4 months after surgery, and I am now at 9 months. I play very competitively, age 57, but I must say that I still lack some strength and flexibility. However, it doesnt seem to effect my playing.


  2. Wow - that’s awesome Fred! I played tennis competitively for many years but switched to pickleball a year ago after tearing a wrist tendon. I was just getting pretty competitive in pickleball when I blew out my Achilles. I’m 58 and in N. California. Maybe we’ll meet up some day in a tournament. Great to hear you’re doing so well post surgery.

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