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Hi folks.  I’ve been out of the boot for 4 days now and just had my first PT session yesterday.  My therapist gave me a lot of exercises to do - many of which I’ve seen mentioned on this site (dorsiflexion and plantarflexion with theraband, scrunch the towel, sitting calf raises, etc).   I did them all for the first time today at home and then started to go for a walk, but noticed that my ankle had swollen up a fair bit so decided I better go home and ice.   I”m now also noticing that I get a “click” in my ankle every time I take a step and that’s a new thing that just started.   I get a little pain in the ankle every time i get the ‘click’.

My recovery thus far has gone very smoothly and this is really the first step backwards that I’ve experienced, so I just wondered if others had a similar experience with the swelling and clicking when they started to walk without the boot?   Would love to hear from some of you who have been there/done that!   thanks in advance for advice and support.

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  1. I didn’t get any click after my surgery but my knees have made clicks for years as I go up/down stairs - LOL! If your ankle swells up after doing exercises then I would say you overdid it or you were upright for too long before going on your walk which caused your ankle to swell. Glad you decided to stay home and ice and, hopefully, elevate. Swelling slows down healing so avoiding it is important at this point in the recovery.

  2. I’ve been out of the boot a few weeks & definitely have joint pop/clicks with almost every step. My PT said not to worry about it if there’s no pain.

  3. Thanks cserpent & Jess - I appreciate hearing about your own experiences and getting your guidance/wisdom on the issue. I’ve walked a couple more days now and while it still clicks, it seems to go away after I’ve gone maybe 1/2 mile or so. My PT figures it’s probably the tendon slipping in and out of it’s old groove and it’s not uncommon.

    I can already see some progress. Last week I wasn’t able to balance on the ‘bad’ foot, but I’m pretty good at it now. Still a long way to go, but happy to be on the road going there!

  4. Hi I experienced an ankle avulsion/ruptured achilles in June,had surgery on June 24, I was in boot 10 days after, NWB until end of July, then FWB with boot all the way up until Sep 19, am now about 5 weeks out of boot-you’re going to get swelling and feel funny for the first couple of weeks-I could barely limp/walk the first few days out of my boot. I am now walking almost normally, I do 2 mile walks almost every night and still limp a little toward the end.
    I was a longtime runner, 100 mile a week bike rider before this happened and am a natural worrier so understand what you’re going through-just be careful not to overdo it, it takes time, and do not worry!

  5. Thanks David. It’s great to hear from folks who have been there/done that. I was also very active before and am really looking forward to getting there again. Appreciate your help!

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