12 Weeks - No More Boot!

I had my 12 week doc visit today and he has cleared me off the boot.  What a wonderful feeling to be out of that thing and back into regular shoes.  Now I’m just trying to take it slowly and walk properly again.  The tendon is pretty tight so it’s a slow go, but so far so good.  I will also start PT on Friday (3 days from now) so pretty psyched about that too.  My incision(s) have healed really nicely and you have to look pretty closely to see any scar at all.   Doc just wants me walking on mostly flat ground for now - no hiking in my immediate future - that’s ok, I can live with that for awhile.   Hope everyone is doing well too!

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  1. You definitely don’t want to do hills right now - LOL! You would be hurting and you might cause bad things to happen. You have to get a lot of strength and flexibility back now. You’ll probably see rapid progress for the next few months. Then it starts slowing down and you’ll see progress over the span of several weeks rather than weekly. Congrats on getting out of the boot!

  2. Thanks cserpent. Now that I’ve got a little time non-booted, I can see pretty quickly what my limits are. Starting PT tomorrow so hope to have some exercises soon. I’m sorry to hear about your setback, but hopefully it will be short-lived and you’ll be back running soon.

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