Eight Weeks Update

Hi everyone.  I had my 8 week post op appt (well, technically it’s been 8 1/2 weeks now) today and all is looking good.   The doc cleared me to remove one of the two heel lifts in my boot now and said if it felt good that I can take the last one out in another 2 weeks.  I’ve done some walking around today and, yes, I can definitely tell that I’m getting a little stretch on the tendon now.  Really glad to be making some additional forward progress.  I did ask the doc about PT again and he said that he’d be happy to write me a referral, but that he didn’t want me to start until 12 weeks post-op.  I challenged him a bit on that, telling him that I knew of several other patients who had done PT sooner.  He said that it would be appropriate in some cases, but where I tore my tendon was particularly tricky and he wanted to give it more time before I do much more than boot-walking with it.  In the end, I trust my doc and am going to follow his advice.  I guess not all AT surgeries are exactly the same, so maybe that’s one reason why treatment differs.  Hope ya’ll are doing well too!

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  1. I couldn’t start official PT until I was walking without the boot. My doc did give me some basic exercises to do at home though so you can ask your doc if there are some simple exercises that you can do at home. Initially it was just point toe forward/back, move foot in a circle both directions. Some folks are doing simple exercises like these at their PT office - which seems like a waste of money to me :)

    But I definitely think PT, once you’re fully mobile, is essential. For starters your PT may find other issues you have that you didn’t even know about. After my first heel spur surgery my PT found that my right butt muscles (major and minor) were quite weak. I’m guessing it was due to favoring my right side for over 10 years as my heel spur developed.

    Keep at it!

  2. I hope you’re right. Eight weeks post op you should be pretty stable, and mostly able to take care of yourself. I’m sure your surgeon’s just being patient, not wanting you to go home until he knows the surgery’s been successful.

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