Full Weight Bearing Today!

Hi all.  Just had my ~4.5 weeks post-surgery appt with the doc and he has cleared me for FWB boot walking.   Wow - what an awesome feeling to be able to toddle around the house with use of both hands.  Still have 2 heel lifts in the boot so it’s a bit of an odd feeling.  Borrowed a friend’s “evenup” lift for my other shoe (the good foot) so I’m more balanced.   Next appointment in another 4 weeks.  I’m tempted to try to walk a few miles, but I think it’s best to start slowly and build up over time.

Good luck everyone!


10 Responses to “Full Weight Bearing Today!”

  1. Congratulations on FWB! Happy for you and can’t wait until I get in a boot : D. Interested to hear about how it is after walking your 1st mile. Do go slow, I wish you all the best with the rest of your journey!

  2. I still dont walk a mile after 6 months, but I never did before anyway! ;) However, I did short walks at first, and I was discouraged by a limp for the first 5 months or so, however, I could walk without pain, and the limp goes away slowly. You have to develop ‘pushup’ strength with your foot, and walking in pools helped me the most I think.

    I was a very slow walker at first. Just one foot forward a half step. Then bring the other foot to the same position, and repeat. It is amazing how fast people normally walk! But in time you should be ok.

  3. Thanks Fred. I have found that tightening the boot straps and filling the air bladder around the heel really helps provide stability and I’m now able to walk relatively well. I went to the gym yesterday and had a full workout (mostly upper body) including ~20 minutes on a stationary bike which was great! No pain whatsoever today so I’m going to slowly increase my walking distance over the next coupla days with a goal of making it around a nearby park loop by this weekend (loop = 0.75 miles).

    Doc didn’t want me walking in a pool just yet.

    Best Regards

  4. Just a quick followup: I went for a boot walk around the nearby 0.75 mile park loop with my wife yesterday (5 weeks post surgery). I stopped a few times along the way to rest, but had no problem making it all the way around. I’ve been walking in the boot for the past 6 days and it has gotten progressively easier with each passing day.

    I also plan to start back up with my gym workouts tomorrow. I worked out once last week and was so happy to be back that i probably overdid it a bit - my arms/shoulders were pretty sore for a couple days afterward but i’m ready for more now!

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  7. I, too, will resume my regular gym sessions the day after tomorrow. My arms and shoulders were driving directions really painful for a few days after my one workout last week, but I’m eager to get back into it now that I’m finally feeling better.

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