44 weeks post ATR

And I only realised it was 44 weeks because my timeline said so!  Amazing how time flies and how eventually you stop thinking in terms of days, weeks and months post ATR.  I can even get up some mornings and not remember straight away!
I’m not long back from a 6.5 week trip to Malaysia and [...]

5.5 months and a uni-lateral heel raise :-D

Just back from the physio (a new one - good to have a 2nd opinion). She was very happy with my progress, which I have to say, so am I. Just this last 2-3 weeks things seem to have started to come together (excuse the pun).
I can walk most days without a limp [...]

week 21 - one step forward, 3 steps back…

… or so it seems sometimes. I’ve been travelling Northern Spain for the last 5 weeks and just before I went, I really hurt my tendon at physio. I had a lot of pain and so decided to ease off on the exercises and just do stretches so long as it was bearable. [...]

13 weeks and 3 days

My doesn’t time fly when you have use of all your limbs!
I’ve had 3 physio session - 1 a week since I last updated. I’ve officially ditched the boot and crutches - I say officially, because I had really anyway, but it was good to get the ok from the physio.
I can walk barefooted [...]

9 weeks and 2 days - and 2 shoes :-D

I’ve managed to walk, without crutches, in 2 shoes and I’m so happy. There’s a long way to go with the walking style but I’m seeing the physiotherapist on Monday. I will still be wearing my boot outside though.

more disappointment from the NHS

I kind of knew I should stop trusting what NHS staff say to me, but I hoped that when the consultant told me I was an urgent physio case and someone would phone me in 1-2 days about seeing a physiotherapist, that it would happen that way.
However, it didn’t, and so after chasing down where [...]

week 8 - recovering from PE and DVT

So, where to start. Not long after my last post, I ended up in hospital with a pulmonary embolism, caused by a DVT in my injured leg.
I’m feeling much better now - angry that this could happen but it just confirms my feelings about my particular NHS care.
Back to the fracture clinic tomorrow for [...]

week 5 - cast off and in a boot with wedges

So I had my cast removed on Tuesday (4 weeks after ATR). I had to ask for a doctor to examine my tendon, they were just putting me straight into a boot. The doctor felt my ankle area and claimed the tendon was intact. I’m hoping he’s right but I wasn’t going [...]

My first major injury ever!

So I got to almost 50 and then bang (or pop is maybe more like it!).  I wouldn’t describe myself as a keep-fit fanatic, but I’ve always tried to be active and recognising old age symptoms creeping up on me, I decided about 4 years ago to take up a regular class at my local [...]